The SECRET of financial independence

There are certain universal laws of prosperity. They apply always and everywhere. And ignorance of these laws does not absolve us of the responsibility for what happens in our lives...


The LAW of TITHING is a law that originated many thousands of years ago.

Tithing is an act of gratitude to God for what He gave you. It is important to understand that you do not give of their own, and only return a tenth of what you were given.

Paying tithing is one of the universal laws that people (especially atheists and agnostics) accept with difficulty, believing that thus primarily profited the Church. But regardless of how you feel about it, the law of tithing is valid, and the universe will still get what it's supposed to.



You can pay a compulsory or voluntary, but will have to pay always. Compulsory payment can be in the form of unexpected expenses, the loss of any valuable things for you, etc.

Here is how the law of tithing with Randy gage in one of his books:

"I did not pay this tribute for 30 years of your life thinking that the way to save money and began to pay only when in my life there came a crisis, and I reassess all values.In those days, for nonpayment of taxes my business covered. I had 55 thousand dollars and was left without a job, without a car and without a Bank account. I borrowed money from friends, to somehow make ends meet, and it went on just forever.I ate only macaroni and cheese, four boxes for a dollar, if I was able to buy food in the supermarket. And so for many weeks. My last $ 20 when someone recommended me a book ponder. It cost $ 12. So, if I bought it, I would have had 8. The alternative was to buy 80 boxes of pasta and absorb them 23 days or buy the book and eat pasta only 8 days.I decided that if we are to die of hunger, it is better to do it faster. So I tried my luck with the book.The book was written,what do I have to pay tithing if I want to prosper in my life. I have reached such a degree of desperation that believed written. And on Sunday in Church one of his last 8 bucks I put in the basket for donations, and then wistfully watched as the one who carried her, down the aisle.The next day I received a check from the power company for $ 75. In the accompanying letter stated that being a good payer and they return me my Deposit. This surprised me because I was probably one of the most malicious defaulters with whom the company have ever dealt with. I delayed paying the bill every month, and they are, incidentally, three times I was disconnected light for non-payment...How to explain it, I don't know. All I know is that I was afraid not to tithe after this check came, so I and he paid the Church a tenth part, and the guy who for 2 years owed me $ 200 and disappeared, suddenly showed up and gave me back. And with this amount I also paid tithes.
Since then, I gave the Church 10% of each dollar earned, and every year received more and more. Only now I'm paying the 10% not out of fear – now I do it with joy, love and gratitude."When you pay tithing voluntarily, then bring into action the laws of prosperity, and in particular the law of retribution and receiving. But you can never know how you will return to your tithe. Maybe it will be money, and perhaps new friendships or recovery. In any case, you have to remember that money is energy that does not tolerate stagnation. published


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