Dan Kennedy: How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules

Now produced many books and video courses are trainings and seminars, dedicated to achieving success in business and personal life.

But are there actually any secrets to success or is it all just a clever way to attract the attention of the public?

"Anyone who believes so uncompromisingly in its own rules, dangerous to society. Still, realizing the futility of the rules, we continue to invent new ones."

In the business literature, there are a lot of cliches. Authors of books on the subject of business and self-development are not tired make up rules of success based on positive thinking, perseverance, and other truths.

Dan Kennedy, a prominent businessman, business coach and the author of such controversial books as "Hard management" and "Hard time management," decided to question the most common cliches of the self-help literature.

His book encourages you to break down stereotypes about positive thinking, motivation, perseverance, creative approach, expert consultation, striving for perfection, the need for education, courtesy and innate talents.

It encourages critical thinking and questioning, many rooted in the mass consciousness of the view.

To achieve success requires positive thinking and motivation... Or not?Dan Kennedy is convinced that the authors of popular books on self-development too downplay the role of negative emotions in attaining success.

"Most preach the idea of suppressing and eliminating all negative emotions or getting rid of them, the theory of forgiveness and focusing on the positive and bright thoughts."

In reality, however, negative feelings are frequent companions of success and positive, on the contrary, can slow down the process of achieving it.

Why motivation is not enough?Dan Kennedy refers to the psihokibernetiki concept developed by plastic surgeon Maxwell Molam. It explains why most people cannot gain will power and conscious effort to change yourself for the better, for example, to start a new life next year, to lose weight or get some kind of useful skill.

The fact that willpower and discipline is defenseless for the negative self-esteem and beliefs rooted in the subconscious, and conscious effort can lead to results if they contradict your view of man about himself. For example, people who consider themselves ugly, will not be able to follow a diet and exercise in order to lose weight.

An unshakable belief in the talent and innate ability,the Belief in the lack of talent or ability necessary to engage in a particular activity substantially restricts the opportunities for self-realization. People tend to exaggerate the role of innate abilities and downplay the role of effort and work. However, studies show (for example, Carol Dwek), this position not only has serious grounds, but also harmful, because it prevents the development of potential.

The myth of higher educationCourse, for some professions need a diploma of higher education. Without questioning the obvious opportunities offered by higher education, Dan Kennedy sees it as part of the legacy of the career training scheme and to dependence on other people.

As confirmed by many real-life examples, the lack of a diploma of higher education can not serve as an excuse for inaction and placenia miserable existence. So, if you managed to get a higher education, it is necessary to derive maximum benefits from it. Or start doing what is necessary to obtain the desired information and mastering the skills required to achieve your goals.

"Modesty and humility — qualities worthy of admiration the monk, but not the entrepreneur".

Rudeness, aggressiveness and assertiveness is the secret of success.

Dan Kennedy warns that modesty and business — are incompatible. In order for your talent and mind are noticed and appreciated but their presence is not enough.

"If you're going to wait until you will appreciate, better stock up on food and good books, because you'll be waiting for a very long time.

No matter who you are: lecturer and consultant, I, chiropractor, hairdresser, CEO of a huge Corporation, — people prefer to deal with a VERY confident professional, do not hesitate to declare publicly, Muhammad Ali: "I am the best".

Takes courage, self-promotion and demonstration of self-confidence. Business is tough and competitive field where no place of sacrifice, so you can't just give up or underestimate their knowledge, experience and time.

One percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspirationDan Kennedy on our own experience that the widespread idea of creative work as something chaotic and uncontrolled mistakenly. Starting work in the advertising business, he saw that the best advertising agents are not waiting for inspiration, and work meticulously, organised and disciplined.

Ideas are worth nothingMany are mistaken about the role of ideas in business and life. Any, even the most brilliant and revolutionary idea acquires value only in case of successful implementation. The importance of the idea depends on the labor invested in its realization, that is, from the fact that not considered creative work.

Whether always it is necessary to persevere? Despite the important role of effort, work and perseverance to achieve success, the ability to deviate from the previously chosen course plays a less significant role.

Too often on behalf of the speakers, business coaches and motivational literature there are calls to persist, no matter what it takes, and not to retreat.

However, perseverance will lead nowhere if not to combine it with experimentation.

Therefore, if you have failed, you should not just repeat the same thing you did last time, but to combine perseverance with the retreat from erroneous hypotheses and nowhere leading of action.

Haste makes waste?People tend to come up with your merc. But if someone fits the slow, leisurely work, it does not mean that it should all work.

Moreover, a much better and more efficient work at an accelerated rate, in terms of contingencies and time pressure. For them it is a natural pace and speed does not mean a fuss or loss of quality.

Hence, it is foolish to listen to the advice of those who attempt to slow down and relax.

An unconventional approach to job searcha Significant number of graduates packs pester recruitment agencies, but refuse to undertake work that is considered below their dignity.

As a result, they can not do anything to find yourself, and if you find something wrong that could facilitate their implementation. Even just starting their career path, they set very high standards for the work.

Dan Kennedy I am sure that this is not the path that will lead to success. He encourages the use of non-standard approach to the beginning of her career, which is to yourself to carefully examine the history of successful businessmen or heads small and medium-sized companies in the fields, and then send in their name letters of presentation with an offer to work for them for free.

"And if I hadn't received a speedy response would be to call them, send faxes, ideas — in short, to do everything possible to attract their attention, motivate and achieve personal interview".

The history of the lives of a huge number of successful people indicate that in the beginning of his career they did not hesitate to take up the dirty and undesirable work. With regard to the issue of low pay, Dan Kennedy calls not to worry on this score, and assured that "it is impossible to demonstrate extraordinary results for ordinary work, and not to extraordinary opportunities".

Neither the diploma nor the summary are not real values. The point is to stand out from the crowd in a positive way, showing their best side and performing any work with great zeal and diligence.

The customer is not always rightMany companies, especially in the field of sales and trade, aim to keep any client guided by the slogan "the customer is always right".

However Dan Kennedy questioned this approach, believing that blindly cater to the requirements of any customer foolish and unjustified.

In relationships with clients he offers to follow the Pareto principle — 80 percent of the profits account for 20 percent of customers 80 percent of problems and difficulties also take 20 percent of the customers. On this basis, the main task of business is to "clean up" customers from the most problematic and focus all their attention and effort on the most profitable.

In working with clients, perhaps more important aspect is not the quantity but the quality.

How important is the product for success?On the basis of experience in the advertising industry, Dan Kennedy, finds that brilliant ideas unique product is absolutely not enough for a successful business. He believes that trying to protect a unique product from plagiarism — in fact, a waste of time and effort, because the plagiarism, borrowing and copying is an integral part of the business. The product is secondary to the combination of such factors as "an intriguing and exciting story, a spectacular demonstration, the support of authoritative experts and celebrities, and satisfied users".

So instead of trying to protect the uniqueness of its product (which will end in disappointment), the right to direct all their efforts to create a successful combination of these factors, protecting your position in the market and proper advertising.

"Illusions of marketing"Dan Kennedy questioned the accepted division of marketing, advertising, trade and distribution and even the necessity of marketing departments. The author gives the following definition:

Marketing is the search for new possibilities of improved methods of forming a solid and stable relationship with customers. Based on this definition, many are not marketing.

"The illusion of management"

Often, corporate culture (especially in large companies) prevents the appearance of breakthrough ideas and implement innovative solutions, which could bring the business to a new level.

The reason that innovation has not been given sufficient attention, is the bureaucracy, complex hierarchy of subordination, the requirements are too strict, instructions from which it is impossible to move a single step without subsequent punishment, and the fear of making a mistake.

This leads to the fact that many improvements are being implemented by the employees of the companies at your own risk and without the permission of the superiors.

Expose question the principle "Works — do not touch"change is the only Constant. Have experience and knowledge has the opposite, negative side, they become the criterion for assessing others ' achievements, and to encourage a cynical view of the world. In order not to miss important changes and not to remain on the margins of history, everyone should remember that sometimes require a good shake and to reconsider entrenched ideas, even if everything is running smoothly.

In modern business situations arise that require change.

Be sensible, but not stubborn; try new strategies and do not cling to old.published


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