45th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination (13 photos)

November 22, 1963, US President John F. Kennedy and his wife arrived in Dallas (TX) - Kennedy joined the campaign for a Democratic president was very important to win in Texas. 11:40 President's plane landed at the airport of Dallas Love Field. Five minutes earlier arrived to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. The president's motorcade moved into the city.

In an open limousine except John and Jacqueline Kennedy, who sat in the back seat were two agents of the US Secret Service - driving William Greer sat next to him rode Roy Kellerman. Behind them was the governor of Texas, John Connally and his wife Nellie.

Limousine car accompanied by Secret Service agents and the car with the Vice-President Johnson.

Throughout his motorcade was greeted by local residents. Before turning on Elm Street Nellie Connally turned to John Kennedy - I think, Mr. President, you can not say that Dallas no people who love you. - Yes, it is obvious - said Kennedy. A few minutes later the first bullet fired by a sniper, hit him in the back.

After five seconds, the second shot blew John Kennedy's head.

After the shots on the running board of the car managed to drop a Secret Service agent Clinton Hill. The blood-splattered car was another wounded - a bullet from the first shot hit the back of the Texas governor. Jacqueline helplessly bent over the dying husband. Limousine, picking up speed, sped away from dangerous places.

A few minutes later Kennedy was taken to Parkland Hospital, located nearby. The first examination showed that the president is still alive, but emergency measures to save his life were unsuccessful. At 13:00 it was officially recorded death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The death certificate signed by the personal physician of President George W. Barkley.

About six o'clock in the evening the coffin with the body of Kennedy was brought to Washington. On board the presidential plane Lyndon Johnson was sworn in the same day, assumed his duties as president of the United States.

According to witnesses, shots at the president's car made out of the window of the sixth floor, where he was noticed by a man with a gun. Employees warehouse textbooks confirmed that they had seen their counterpart Lee Harvey Oswald left the building immediately after the shooting. After an hour and twenty minutes after the attempt on Elm Street, Oswald was arrested in a movie theater. Before that, he had to shoot the patrol officer Tippit, who wanted to check his documents.

Lee Harvey Oswald served in the Marine Corps, worked with a sniper rifle, was certified as a sniper middle category. In 1959, he came to the USSR as a tourist and obtained permission to stay in the country. He worked in Minsk factory electronics. In 1961 he married a Soviet citizen Marina Prusakova, they had a baby. In the same year, Oswald and his wife returned to Texas. According to rumors, he had links with anti-Castro groups, however, has repeatedly and publicly declared himself a Marxist. Back in Dallas, he got a job at the warehouse of textbooks.

At night, November 22, 1963 the detainee was charged with the murder of Kennedy and Tippit. Oswald has flatly denied his guilt.

Two days later, November 24, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed at the exit from the police station nightclub owner Jack Ruby in Dallas. According to some assumptions Ruby has been associated with the CIA and was in charge of Oswald in the operation to assassinate the US president.

November 25, 1963 thirty-fifth President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. About a million people came to say goodbye to him on the day of the funeral. At 15:34, Jacqueline Kennedy over the grave of her husband lit the eternal flame. John F. Kennedy was 46 years old.

P.S. On the question of who killed President Kennedy still can not be answered definitely. Could Oswald fired three times in less than six seconds and, at the same time, hit the target? Was he alone or, as suggested by many, he was a backup, who shot from another place? If Oswald only artist who organized the attempt? All these questions have no answer. Not yet, I hope.


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