Sloths (17 photos)

Sloths (Bradypodidae) - Edentates mammals. They live in the forests of the north of Argentina and Uruguay to Honduras and Nicaragua. Body weight idlers different species varies from 4 to 9 kg, the body length is about 60 centimeters. Almost all the time sloths spend hanging on a tree branch back down.

We know perfectly well that sloth is called, the most lazy creatures on the planet. And so it is. But why, with such a huge number of enemies in the face of jaguars, panthers, huge pythons, anacondas and crocodiles, even, they still remain the same lazy and sluggish? Modern man could hardly normally monitor the movement of sloth on the ground: the legs like stilts, it does not hold, it falls on the belly, throwing limbs in different directions. Like a fairy toy sustained movement mechanism, he crawls on their bellies, clutching claws of the soil, pulling the body forward at a speed of 20 centimeters per second. Or hobbling on his knees with a top speed of 225 meters per hour. It seems that it's just a freak of nature, but not far from it. This "sloven" is the best master of "a hanging" on the trees. His paws are equipped with claws 7, 5 cm. Hook shape. They sloth clings so successfully and thoroughly that it can barely pull a few people, doing the utmost effort. On a tree sloth shows mortuary immobility during the day and during the game sunlight their wool blends with the green trees, hiding from uninvited eyes. Sloths - owner of a unique neck. She had them so flexible that can rotate 270 degrees, as if composed of rubber pieces. With this, the only one of its kind, the neck, you can stare at all four sides of the leaves and get around, do not shift mesta.Tak same sloths are quite good swimmers and can survive under water for about 20 minutes.


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