The hands: paper model SAU Pz IV / 70

A clear description of the work will come from the author. It's really cool. And all the details.
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The model itself is in my view quite beautiful and will occupy a worthy place in the collection. The model will be assembled from the original tool kit is standard (at least for me): Knives OLFA, scissors, glue stick, PVA, super time to touch up the ends of the felt-tip pens and acrylic paint "Star".

Now, briefly about the prototype:
Crew ....... 4 people;
Weight ...... 28 tons;
Length ....... 8 44 m;
Width ....... 2 88 m;
2 ....... height, 35 m;
Engine ..... "Maybach» HL120TRM;
Speed ​​....... 38 km.h;
......... Cruising range of 320 km;
Radio ........ FuG5;
Armament ....... 75-mm gun 7, 5cm Pak 42 L / 70 in the wheelhouse; one machine gun 7.92 mm MG-43 in the installation;
Reservations ACS:
Superstructure forehead ..... 80 mm;
Housing upper forehead ..... 80 mm;
Housing forehead bottom ...... 50 mm;
The sides of the housing ........ 40 mm;
The sides of the superstructure ........ 30-40 mm;
Foods ........ 20 mm;
Mask ...... 80 mm cannon "boar's head".
Roof ........ 20-10 mm.

A bit of history: Jgd Pz IV was originally designed as an analog assault gun StuG III, but only on the basis of the "quartet" and factory capacity of firms engaged in its release. (Hence, the second name - StuG neuer Art mit 7.5cm PaK L / 48 auf Fahrgestell PzKpfw IV).

Quest received the head of this model of tank company "Krupp-Gruzon." Almost simultaneously, the construction company and it took "Fomag." In October 1943, it was presented to the selection committee a sample of nebronevoy steel. Series production began in January next year. By November 1944, it was produced 769 cars. They were armed with 7, 5 cm antitank gun PaK39, mounted in a frame and covered with masks of the "boar's head". Ammunition - 79 shots. This tank destroyer turned out quite stocky. The engine, transmission, chassis completely inherited from the base of the machine. Self-propelled unit has good mobility. The combat weight was 25 tons, the crew - four men. Frontal and upper hull plates were placed at rational angles. Their thickness reached 60 in front and on the sides - 30 mm. Since May 1944 strengthened the book, bringing the thickness of up to 80 in the front and 40 mm in the side body parts and cutting. Until that time, the company "Fomag" combined the issue of how the tanks and tank destroyers, and then switched to the production of the latter. 26 chassis equipped in option repair and recovery trucks Ber Pz without weapons. Since August 1944 the tank Pz IV / 70 (in fact all the same Jgd Pz IV) began to equip long-barreled 7, 5 cm tank gun, the same as that of the "Panther". New self-propelled units available in two versions, differing gun mount and shape cutting. For example, the machines of the company "Fomag" denotes the index V, the frontal hull and cabin installed at angles of 50 and 45, and cutting board - 30 degrees to the vertical. The lower part of the cabin had no inclination. The gun was protected mask like "boar's head". By the end of the war released 930 Pz IV / 70 (V) and 278 Pz IV / 70 (A).

The model presented a prototype manufactured by "Nibelungen" on the project design department of the company "Alkett." Both cars of the company "Fomag" - as Jgd Pz IV, and Pz IV / 70 - have been significantly overloaded chassis are easily damaged. Especially the two front roller due to the displacement forward common center of gravity. Therefore, they began to collect without "obrezinki." Since December 1944 Pz IV / 70 in large numbers began to come into service battalions, tank destroyers, anti-tank and armored divisions "pantsergrenadirskih" divisions, as well as tank battalions of armored divisions (instead of missing Pz Kpfw V). Baptism they adopt in the Ardennes operation against the British and Americans, while showing good enough combat effectiveness. Total based Pz Kpfw IV until the end of the war was built in 1977 tank destroyers.

Post decided from the very model tedious. Currently collected "harp" without guides. About tracks tell apart - This publisher does not shine with originality and color on the tracks of poor. Perhaps in the future, "harp" I repainted, you only need to gain experience in this business.

and at the stage of the assembly is the leading asterisk

here's a little fitting

sprocket holes included in the tracks pretty well, but not perfect.

Today dorezal entire framework.

He began to collect carcass parts converge perfectly, but when it came to the inner lining of the crew compartment and the engine compartment, the problems started. Details of the fighting compartment are shorter than necessary, somewhere in the 3-4 mm. I had to cut part of the fold lines and paste all alone. So did a part inner casing of the engine compartment. That's what eventually happened:

I puzzled by the assembly of the engine and then I developed the same slightly puzzled. Mass cylindrical parts, relating not only to divgatelyu is provided in such a reamer and is formed on the thin paper.

The model itself is simple enough and the engine has a minimum of parts and that's actually what it represents (in the assembly no difficulty):

Next came the turn of the cooling system. It was assembled and put into place, it fell in the neighborhood and the engine:

Well, the final engine compartment. All put in place and partially closed:

Further work has begun with the fighting compartment, here are a couple of pictures of what is collected at the moment:

Here domuchal radio and switching boxes. Nuts are not included, so we had to cut himself: a general view:

approximation, for better viewing

assembled gearbox:

pedal'ku stood behind her and gathered siduha for mehvoda:

Further transmission was collected, razdatka and installed the controls. By the way, drive shafts did not want to wake up exactly, so we had a little bit to lift the box. I did not understand what it is. Whether my curve hands, or divergence conceived developer and publisher.

Well, as the ending of the work done - has been put in place seat mehvoda:

semi-finished shells and one prototype.

Thus, the construction continues. During assembly of shells, finished off the radio. Judging by the number of the latter, the present model is clearly commander. Of course, the radio operator's seat has been put into place that would be all, as it should be.

Well, and then empty the square were packed to capacity shells (I confess one in the assembly process has been lost)

Construction is going without jambs, however fitting to the front part of the armor, it was found that breech stand in his place without fitting will not like it anyway. Comprehensible instruction is not. I'll throw out to the best of opportunities. Oh, and the breech has mobility in the vertical plane, a little pleased.


Well, the breech in its place:

He racked up a machine gun course, wanted to make the cover of the trunk volume - better luck next time, but in my opinion it's better this way than in the original. The only thing that could not come up with a box-shaped casing, like the MG-42, we think that exchange machine gun MG-38 is taken from the warehouse due to the lack of machine guns later series.

It was further adhered frontal armor, and then installed on the machine gun muzzle compensator, otherwise compensator set - will not go in a regular hole.

Well, at the end of pokleit side and stern, it's kind of shifted off the ground and then the assembly will go faster

At this point of time toiling over the stern self-propelled guns, she trimmed armor assembled grids and ventilation of the engine compartment hatches

assembled hitch bushings sloths, exhaust pipes and a few small things

last spring added to the shelves of the tracked

appeared hatch of the engine compartment, it is just fitting

managed to collect one of the hatches entire engine room. Complexities of its assembly arose, and everything came together so as to loop a lot of time is gone. By design, they are simple enough. The photo shows that I planted a toothpick - it is to the sunroof closes automatically biggrin actually here pictures of what happened:

Here is a small addition of a second hatch, he trifles with the provisions

I build and install two hatch located in the front of the transmission. Here's what happened:

made a towing device

and I began to work on the suspension, ready to rubber expansion joints and springs.

assembled with springs "strollers" and made the front pair of rollers that do not have a rubber band. In my sample plates visible installation bolts relief, but then abandoned the idea. Bright orange color later painted over.

domuchal road wheels that obrezinena. In my opinion, they have turned out much better than the previous ones. Actually that's collected photos rollers and carriages:

put compensators

Further gathered sloths and tried them on a regular place does not look bad, but in some places require touch-up:

after that gathered support rollers, difficulties in their assembly and installation has not arisen any:

Replace the support rollers, so to say, put the wheels model

Taki put the PT-hu to "harp". Difficulties were not. The only thing that I had to remove the tape on the right three truck and two on the left. Why it happened, I did not understand. That's actually the result of your attention:

managed to tear the front rollers on the left side seam and glue them down:

and sketched out the stern bit of trivia:

Sobral shansovy tools and hoisted on the regular places:

Further it is time for the front flaps on the harp:

something where you have to touch up, no doubt. Well, most of the time it took me to work with top plate - hatches, hinges, optics:

plate stick until he was up to the final release model.

Model in the final picture looks like this:

continue to bring to your attention, "craft" Photo:

Ended 8-month saga build the model. What I'm incredibly happy. Model going to be comfortable enough, but some schools, like developers and my course there. For future collectors can only note the lack of the bottom of the mask tools that I did not invent left as is. Next you need to pay attention to the rather poorly adapted engine, it can and should be further developed as one has enough imagination. Let me draw your attention to the mediocre circuit assembly, had a lot to think out. In general, development and assembly of the model in my opinion deserves a solid "four".



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