We arranged perfectly.

We arranged perfectly. Moreover, all truth is absolutely simple. God - is Love. The meaning of life - love. Man by nature loves a woman, a woman loves a man of his nature. Therefore, the highest realization for men and women - is the realization of love for each other. The union of man and woman leads to the birth of the child. Created by so Love life. According to this principle, there is all life on Earth. So, the most important realization - in the construction of the beautiful and the good relationship based on love. This is the simplest and most important philosophy.

However, there is among us who live or have lived on Earth before any committed teachers. Rather, our whole life - with all its people, events, meetings, separations, tears, joy, pain, flight - and there are teacher. God manifests through all every life - is His manifestation. To be with God simply listen carefully to yourself and be yourself, doing everything, out of love.

Create himself. Create the beauty within! And then half will find you. Because the world around - it's just a projection of your inner state. Change the world can only change myself. Love to find happiness in life can only be opened Love within yourself!

Life really consists of very simple things: a lovely woman, beloved, beloved parents, beloved child, pet dog house favorite, favorite nature, beloved friends, favorite books, favorite money! .. And there is peace. When attached to his inside, it ceases to want to talk a lot! You see then, what nonsense people sacrificed their brains. But you just have to enjoy the simple things!

The greatest beauty of our world and our lives - in their beauty. Our world and we, at times, extremely beautiful !!! Meet with beauty, open beauty, admire the beauty, enjoy the beauty created by the Creator - this makes more sense than all the religions and philosophies together.

Of love, as we know, children are born. So literally, we are creating the world with the Supreme Creator, materializing Love. But from love born not only children, but in general everything in this world! Happy Love moves poets to create immortal poems, businessman brings great luck in matters of adventurers drives the world in search of treasure, astronomers inspires discovery of new stars, etc.
We are investing in a child's head quite a huge amount of unnecessary information: about the interaction of carbon and hydrogen, the third law of thermodynamics, the device Kalashnikov, stamens, pistils and other crap that almost anyone and never in my life comes in handy. Our parents all his life discussing among themselves some minor nonsense about affairs at work, problems with the machine or repair in the country. But almost no one ever tells us the most important thing, that really is very, very necessary: ​​how to find love and build a loved one harmonious relationship ?! But this depends directly on the success of all of our lives!

Someone important, how to perform a prayer or mantra, how to exercise or yoga ACCA, how to eat, or what clothes to wear. All this is important. But all this is secondary to the love relationship between a man and a woman.

Is the main principle that everything in life Check your Love! And then everything in life will automatically line up the best way for you. For example, the best practice in the mornings and evenings - a hug from a loved one, gentle recognition and wishes to each other all the best. The best food - the one that you like best to eat with your loved one. The best solution to the problem - something that will bring the most joy to you and your loved one, etc. And so in all!

In the picture on the wings of butterflies, perhaps more sense than all the religious and philosophical sophistication. The most wonderful in the world - it is the time of creation of the Almighty Love beauty. I am glad that I was born and live in the land, not because of the wise maxims learned a lot, but because I saw the wings of butterflies, many, many, many different kinds of beauty and because I love!
Alexander Maharayya


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