8 statements of scientists, in which they Express their vision of love

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And why, how do you receive love?And why, how do you receive love? People in many of its manifestations being irrational, especially of emotions and feelings: sometimes they are not so easy to justify from a logical point of view. If to speak about such a complex thing as love — the law of cause and effect, it ceases to work because the state of love is too complex and multifaceted to be able to understand what is called "brick by brick".

However, experts are still trying to explain the passion of love is chemical reactions, animal instincts or, say, social patterns. The following eight statements of scientists, in which they set out their vision of love. 1. "Love is like a thirst," Lucy brown, a neuroscientist from the Medical College. A. Einstein, new York, the state of new-Jokerine lover like the feeling of thirst that can be quenched only by the presence of the object of passion. All thoughts, actions, aspirations — all of the sudden obeys the desire to be near her lover (or sweetheart). Of course, everyone has his own temperament and romantic feelings are expressed in different ways, but any person, falling in love, experiencing a state similar to euphoria, and it occurs only in the presence of the "second half".

After examining the brain activity of several pairs of lovers using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we came to the conclusion that when the lovers are together or think about each other, they aktiviziruyutsya region of the brain that are also responsible for the feeling of happiness from any reward or recognition, and on the strength of this feeling is comparable to hunger or famine. We can say that love is a part of the reproductive mechanism built into us by nature: it contributes to the establishment of strong emotional bonds between sexual partners and thus increases the chances of having children.

2. "Love is like in your head someone moved", — Helen Fisher, anthropologist from Rutgers University, the state of new-Jerseyboy is different, but I think there are three main types: sexual attraction, love and deep affection. My colleagues and I have long been engaged in study of the functioning of the brain in love, in one of our experiments involved 60 men and women aged 18 to 57 years, which we examined with MRI, analyzing the main manifestations of romantic love.

The first thing that starts to experience person when falls in love — some sense of "features" and "uniqueness" of everything connected with the object of love is his (or her) clothes, car, street, anything. The lover begins to focus on his passion: the Blues, when he (she) does not call and "glows" with happiness when things get better.

The state of love is also characterized by heart palpitations, increased sweating and physiological state, which is also called "butterflies in the stomach". This is due to the increase of the hormone dopamine that causes a person delight and a burst of energy and inspires action — these feelings can be compared with the fact that someone had settled in my head, constantly urges to run somewhere, to take measures and for the three most important words: "I love you".

I believe that love is used for more reliable reproduction of posterity: it makes us focus on one partner and not to focus on casual sex.

3. "Love as a building material," Daniel Kruger, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, Ann arbor, Michalove is a positive experience that helps to build social ties and the formation of stable relationships, and as a result facilitates the creation of the family as the fundamental unit of the society. Without it, we would often act solely from their own short-term selfish motives and reasons, personal gain that inevitably would have affected the situation in the society.

Sentiments to loved ones, strengthen long-term relationship, which in turn has a positive effect on the birth of socially vulnerable children. Love allows people to care for the offspring until they become independent, and it seems to me, its main social function.

4. "Love is expressed in attempts to take care of" — David Givens, Director of the Center for nonverbal studies, Spokane, state Washingtonfree all, love is an emotion, a feeling of affection and loyalty that a person feels towards someone or something. The passion may be stronger than, for example, love for family members or even to their own children, and can only speak in sexual desire.

Love is born in the same part of the brain, and maternal affection, the desire to take care of the offspring, so I believe that it developed out of maternal instinct. The fact that the beloved feel the need to care for each other, to help and support confirms this.

5. "Love is sex" — Luis Garcia, Professor of psychology, Rutgers Universitetskaya there are many evidence that sexuality plays in a relationship is very important. A number of studies suggests that satisfaction with sex life directly affects, for example, the General impression of marriage, furthermore, according to the results of our experiments, a person living a full sexual life, has more chances of gaining long-term and fruitful relations.

We were with a colleague, Dr. Charlotte Brand, interviewed several couples living together long enough — in a civil marriage or registered, whatever. It turned out that one of the main incentives in life together was their sexual attraction to each other. Also on the intimate life, and therefore feelings, has a positive effect rich sexual experience, and if partners it is about the same, their Union has a chance for years to be happy.

6. "Love is unthinkable without respect," Kate Wachs, psychologist and author of the book "Relationships for dummies"Love without mutual respect and trust does not happen. Lovers try to show their best side, so a successful relationship will always consist of honesty, loyalty, emotional support and sacrifice. Love gives everyone a sense of its uniqueness and forced to accept the uniqueness of the other: everyone thinks that if his partner is okay with it, measures must be taken not to destroy the delicate balance. So any loving person seeks to defend the interests of their "second half" and to satisfy her needs.

I think that feeling, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference: if you stopped worrying about the person and not feel the need to take care of it, it speaks about loss of respect, and therefore of love is already out of the question.

7. "Love is a long — lasting relationship," Stephanie Orth, a neuroscientist at Syracuse University, Syracuse, state of new York that is love, everyone knows, but no one can give a clear agreed definition. In my interpretation I use the results of his psychological studies and neuroimaging of the brain lovers. In my opinion, love is a complex positive and motivating mental state, characterized by a desire to unite with a certain person. This condition involves a number of chemical, emotional, and cognitive processes.

If you communicate with your partner there is activity certain parts of neurons, this suggests the presence of love, and we are unaware of any evidence that love can not last all the time, but the problem is that it is influenced by too many factors that are sometimes impossible to predict. However, if we consider love as an established cooperative attitude to anyone else, under this definition fall such kinds of love, maternal and paternal, the love of parents and love between sexual partners.

8. "Love as a historical constant", Stephanie Kunz, historian of the Evergreen state College, Olympia, state Washingtonului its history fall in love with each other, but the passionate romantic feelings until relatively recently was not considered a worthy basis for a relationship or especially marriage. Most were married, and married, in obedience to the will of the parents when choosing a life partner for son or daughter should consider, as a rule, only Mercantile considerations.

The situation began to change in the nineteenth century — love began to play in family relationships much more significant role. People had to rediscover that they're attracted to the opposite sex and recognize that the basis of any successful marriage should be love. I believe that in our time, spouses and lovers should feel towards each other not only passion, but also friendship. The combination of love and friendship will provide partners a long, happy and fruitful relationship. published 


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