A person must be 5 vitamins love.

The first vitamin love is a relationship with God.

The second vitamin is a vitamin relationships with friends, ie Friend to man is gold fund, because in life with us will be different, different changes and if we will not be with you relationship with your friends, it means that we will not support, will not shoulder on which we can rely.

Third vitamin - vitamin is the relationship with oneself, when I realize what was happening to me when I can take my feelings when I understand your feelings, accept and can transform them. The human form of life is meant to transform itself. In man has all the virtues, but they are able to seed.

Fourth vitamin - vitamin relationships with like-minded people.

Fifth vitamin - a relationship with a partner. Now imagine if you do not have four vitamins and now you come to your narrowed and demand from it all five. Man can not, he can not give it, it is not possible. Therefore, we are demanding and with a sense of satisfaction not treat each other just because we have with you a lack of vitamins and we need to add, add in all absolutely vessels because all five of these vessels they report, fill a pot and somehow strangely others are filled.

Marina Targakova


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