Interesting facts about the unusual animals of the world

Nature is constantly creating new creatures. In the world there are not just ordinary animals, but also those who are able to capture the imagination. We present to Your attention a selection of the most amazing animals of our world.

Komondor. This representative know as the Hungarian Sheepdog. It is worth noting that before envy at home such a pet, you need to read the manual on how to look after him. The fact that the dog's coat reaches 1 meter in length. To comb your hair virtually impossible. The locks, as you grow, divide to ensure that the hair do not roll down. Over time, the coat of the Komondor is folded in the likeness of lace. It gives it an even more impressive view of the dog. And the size of this breed of dogs not everyone will like, because the average height of 80 centimeters and they are the biggest dogs in the world.

Emperor Tamarin. This representative can be found in the forests of the Amazon. It cacocholia monkey. The appearance of them memorable: they have white whiskers, which is divided into two strands hanging down on the chest and shoulders of a Primate. They live in trees, where it is highly problematic to get larger monkeys. Their weight is 180 – 250 grams, and the height 10 inches. Going mainly for 2 – 8 individuals, each representative has their own rank. Old female has the highest rank. For this reason, the offspring are males.

The leafy sea dragon. This fish lives in the seas. Is related to a seahorse. Found in shallow waters of Western and South Australia. Spines of head and body very similar to the leaves. With their help, the fish is beautifully masked. Swim in the water of the sea, the dragon helps the pectoral fin and the fin located near the tail. It should be noted that these fins are transparent. In the amount of data of marine specimens can reach up to 45 centimeters.

Tapir. This representative of the animal world can be found in South and Central America, and in Southeast Asia. The tapir is a herbivorous equine. It should be noted that the animal belongs to the ancient. Is related to horses and rhinos. The front pair of legs of the four-toed tapirs, and the rear pair are three – toed. Fingers are endowed with a so-called hooves, which helps the tapir to move through the mud. These animals are quite large: the average height of the representative reaches one meter and a length of approximately two meters. Weight tapirs are appropriate to their considerable size from 150 to 300 pounds. Animals primarily feed on fruits, leaves, plants and berries. Man for them – the first enemy, as tapirs are hunted not just for meat but for skin.


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