Hitler, Napoleon, Kennedy, and many others

Napoleon - Hitler

Napoleon was born in 1760
Hitler was born in 1889
(a difference of 129 years)

Napoleon came to power in 1804
Hitler came to power in 1933
(a difference of 129 years)

Napoleon came to Vienna in 1812
Hitler came to Vienna in 1941
(a difference of 129 years)

Napoleon lost the war in 1816
Hitler lost the war in 1945
(a difference of 129 years)

Both came to power, when they were 44 years.
Both attacked Russia, when they were 52 years.
Both lost the war, when they were 56 years old.

Lincoln - Kennedy

Lincoln was born in 1818
Kennedy was born in 1918
(a difference of 100 years)

Lincoln became president of the United States in 1860
Kennedy became president of the United States in 1960
(a difference of 100 years)

Both were killed on Friday. Both in the presence of their wives. Both - shot in the head.
Lincoln was assassinated in the theater "Kennedy." Kennedy was killed in a car "Lincoln┬╗

Shortly before his death, Lincoln visited the town of Monroe, in Maryland; Kennedy shortly before his death was poman with Marilyn Monroe.

The two southerners. Both the Democrats.
Before becoming president, were both US senators.

John Wilkes Booth, who shot Lincoln, was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy, was born in 1939.
(a difference of 100 years)

Both names in English writing (John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald) consists of 15 letters.

Booth ran from the theater and was caught in the attic. Oswald ran from the attic, he was arrested in the theater.

Receiver after the assassination of Lincoln - Johnson.
Receiver after the assassination of Kennedy - Johnson.
First, Andrew Johnson was born in 1808
Second, Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908
(a difference of 100 years)

These mysterious, one might even say mystical coincidences cause shudder and think that we live in a world where nothing happens by chance, and all the events planned in advance Higher Powers ... Carefully looking closer to the dates that mysteriously filled our lives, we can notice, as we go through the maze of fate that spirals, each time bringing to life new strangeness.

By carrying out calculations short-lived, it can be seen that in the history of the world will soon be supplemented by two big names such as Hitler and Kennedy or Lincoln and Napoleon ...

Given that the difference between the birth of Napoleon and Hitler 129 years, and dates of birth between Lincoln and Kennedy - century, we can predict the birth of these individuals similar magnitude.

Hitler was born, as mentioned above, in 1889. We add 129 years and get 2018 - so this year following the birth of Napoleon, Hitler. But this is not the most interesting, I dare say that this year will be the beginning of a significant event, as in the same year and the next will be born Lincoln Kennedy! Since Kennedy was born in 1918. Add to this the number 100 and see the familiar 2018. From this we can deduce all the other dates: in 2060 will come to power next Kennedy, and followed him in 2062 and the future Napoleon. You can also calculate all the other important dates. Of course, this simple math does not predict anything, but who knows ... maybe this law should not go unnoticed ...

Here's another:

1838 American author Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." It tells the story of how the survivors of the shipwreck, four were in the open sea. Driven to desperation by hunger, three of them kill and eat the fourth. In the book his name - Richard Parker. In 1884, the shipwrecked ship "Magnonett." Four survivors as heroes of Edgar Allan Poe, were in the same boat. After days of wandering in the open sea, mad with hunger, kill and eat three fourth. The name of the fourth turned out - Richard Parker.

Another example of this kind. It is well known the tragedy of the "Titanic" that took place in 1912. But few people know that in 1898 the publishing house "Mansfield" issued a little-known romance writer Morgan Robertson's "Futility", which did not cause the slightest interest contemporaries. The novel is set on a ship "Titan", having the following characteristics: length 243 meters, a displacement of 70,000 tons and engine power 50 thousand horsepower, speed 25 knots, 4 pipes, 3 screws. Cold April night the ship collides with an iceberg and sinks.

Went on its maiden voyage after fourteen years of real "Titanic" was the length 269 meters, a displacement of 66,000 tons and a capacity of 55,000 horsepower, moving at a speed of 25 knots per hour, had 4 tubes and 3 screws ... Cold April night "Titanic" faces an iceberg and sinks.

Matches hit. Writer predicted in almost all circumstances of the disaster, both in the book and in the life of these ships were considered unsinkable. And there, and there during the tragedy did not have enough lifeboats. Passengers in the real and the fictional life was three thousand. From the standpoint of logic this case it is simply impossible to explain.


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