Mass car from Tesla Motors

A young leader in the production of electric cars Tesla Motors has announced the start of construction of a powerful new plant on American soil. The plant will specialize in production of car people. According to forecasts, the price of a new line needs three times less than conventional models S series. That is, the initial configuration will cost 30 thousand dollars. This is not the first attempt to create an affordable car company. The project was called Blue Star. It exists since 2007. Plan a 2015 model is called Model E.

Experts doubt that the declared availability of such a vehicle. The fact that the price of an electric vehicle to have on the battery. As planned, the Model E will install a cheaper battery power, the reserve must be not less than 300 kilometers. But this option very much will affect the price in a big way.

In addition to the battery change and the body. It will become smaller with thinner metal coating. Supposedly 20% smaller than the model S. will Suffer, and a basic set of interior equipment and comfort of the driver and passengers. But there is a possibility to buy the additional options, if desired. To charge this electric car the Supercharger is a special filling station, designed for electric vehicles. Charge the battery at such station is 20 minutes away. Thus for owners of Tesla cars absolutely for free.

Despite the significant planned changes, skeptics assume the price at the minimum set of 45 thousand dollars. In this case, of democracy, and the General availability of electric vehicle of this level to speak still early.

The model E may compete in the price category of the urban electric BMW i3, which is released in 2013 and is worth about 47 thousand dollars.




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