Shock! As in China, raising children-champions

Children gymnasts. A separate motion is repeated so many times, up to several hundred. One exercise (a set of movements) is trained for 5 years. Each year, the gym comes more than 30 children, aged a few units. Each year, as many talented children refuse trenerovok that is very sad, said the coach.

Toddlers are at their weakest handles upside down. Xia coach repeats the same movement, adjusting movements alternating each child. "Who will do the exercise well, can go home early, otherwise it will remain here to stand upside down." Standing on the hands has become a characteristic picture in the gym.

Chain reaction: if a child is crying, then for him begins the next, the more crying, the louder it gets. At this time, the coach Xia "seducing" of different delicacies.

4 live "little bats" rest in the vise.

"Look at my hands, it's called" mangeziya "Coach Xia says it protects against slipping. She's white, though similar to the flour? "Asks Manh Neither raising both hands.

For the development of the toes, children need every day, through the pain, do a few laps on bended toes.

toes cramp, due to the pain from muscle strain the baby began to cry. Coach Xia said that this is something that everyone exercising in the gym has to withstand.

6 year old SyuanSyuan of Gansu province, it does not tolerate wet and hot climate of the South. Throughout the body she had a rash prickly heat that hurt and itch. Lubrication cologne, causing her pain that she was crying. Mom rushes to help and blowing on kozhu.Stradaya from the pain of the child, she hopes for a better future for girls, it is impossible because of the compassion temporarily abandon the case halfway, more child like his occupation and his natural talent. Mom Xuan Xuan can only see (suffering), and store their heartache

The determined look, and read some indifference, accustomed to the daily occupations and cries of pain, with the desire to persevere in training

During the rest manifested the natural essence of the child, they play games, noisy run one after the other, all that is in the room, may be a toy, even a ray of light. Two children compete, whose falcon can fly higher.

After mastering a set, it is necessary again to repeat the movement many times, up to several hundred. In each set, the training takes 5 years of training.

The pain daily, in order to realize the dream of becoming champions, children must endure suffering hard.

"It achieved everything that you can show off in front of their classmates," The boys are not particularly perechat do what the coach says and can quickly complete their daily task.

Boys more naughty, every time they see a camera like to take a nice rack.

Children are always the character can be seen after the training.

Children are always the character can be seen after the training.

Children are always the character can be seen after the training.

Coach Xia said that dealing with not a lot of parents are not seeing the achievements after one or two years of training take their children. Every year a lot of talented kids throwing a workout, which is very sad.

On the wall hangs a large character "金" (gold), bright red, burning, constantly "burning" their way into children's heart. "Children with a dream that can persist for this to work is very small, too many parents love their children and bury them (dreams)," the coach said with regret Xia. A child who can walk this path should be grateful to their parents for stubbornness.

Childhood is held here in the exercises on the balance beam, parallel bars, jumping goat, because here their dream. 3 year old Man Neither knows that everything in the end, this means only knows what she likes to walk on the balance beam, like the wobble on the uneven bars, her childhood here, the same as other children - sweat and tears.


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