Cheerful yellow - Luxury design ideas for your home

The yellow color usually is associated with the sun and the radiant light. It is the color of joy and optimism. If the right to use this color in design - you'll get an amazing result. Your home will be a bright and warm. Before using yellow in the interior, think it not too much? Would not you annoy and bore an abundance of yellow?

The main thing to observe measure, not to get an effect opposite to the desired.

The best option would be painting one wall, or part of it. Cleverly placed yellow accents, will give a festive look to any room.

Yellow bath or kitchen look simply gorgeous! Do not be afraid to break stereotypes - live as you like. Be aware of the environmental and safety of materials used for repair. Pay attention to the fact of what your furniture is made. House - our fortress. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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