Do not your people do not care of you go

Natalia Grace - a psychologist and author of the famous book "The Laws of Grace," in which she tried to form a collection of observations about life. Inferences that managed to find the author, to help us become a little wiser and conserve their strength.

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1. Law fairness of detail

As a person manifests itself in the details - is that he is! He can be generous royally, but once a year, and the petty nature manifests itself in small things every day, so stuff is much more revealing.

2. The law of the inevitable losses

In all that man does, he makes mistakes. Therefore, losses are inevitable. Losses are inevitable, gentlemen! Knowing this, you should not grieve too much. In many, but not all of us can affect. There are general laws of the universe. We can not be perfect, and our actions - as well. The inevitability of loss accept with humility. Perhaps it is only need here.

3. It is better to under-than transfer

This applies to absolutely everything. For example, if a speech, then finish it before people get tired. Goethe said, "The Mystery of the boring is to say everything." Let's go on a date - just a little bit earlier than it wants to make your partner. Get out of the guests before they yearn for the loneliness. Remember: the best under-than transfer ...

4. The law of general teams

Two horses in harness able to budge the 15 tons. But each of them separately - only 3 tons. Harnessed in the affairs of no less than two, and will be effective. "The thread, threefold cord is not quickly breaks».

5. Law period

Appointment of time for performance of any business increases the probability of event-driven. It is one thing to say "call each other" and completely different - "I'll call you tomorrow at ten in the morning." The probability of a call in the second case is much higher.

6. Act zeroing

The brain must be reset. If you return home and could barely stay on his feet, and made only 14 of 28 cases scheduled for today, if you sat down and sit blankly staring straight ahead at nothing, then do not blame yourself for the inefficiency! The brain can not smoothly carry out your orders.
Him, too, need to be addressed to him. Should he put things in order in all those "scraps" that you ponakidali it. At this time, you need the absence of any information from the outside. Brain "cleansed" at this time. This is reset. Even the soil ceases to be fertile when the seventh year, she did not give rest, and forced to give birth again. This makes it a barren slave. Long live zero!

7. Law of the falsity of the ideal conditions

There will never be perfect conditions. Silly, of course, deny that the favorable circumstances occasionally happen. Even more rarely, someone wise enough to take advantage of them. Partly because the possibility of hiding under the guise of the problems to be solved.

8. The law of compensation

It does not happen all at once! Can you imagine: a woman - beauty, manicure, hair, home pies do not dry up in bed with her husband - the wonders of ingenuity and passion; Children bathe in the attention; brilliantly sings, entertains guests playing the piano; Healthy - well, just blood and milk; obliging character Silk meets a smile, a brilliant poet, lucky business woman, a perfect one? ..
Does not happen all at once, so Napoleon was afraid of cats, Tchaikovsky ate paper and cried up to ten times a day, Suvorov often pretended to be a fool, Schiller quite seriously put on the table rotten apples for feeding the muse, and Bach threw in organist wig when he was out of tune.

If something a person has made significant progress, in another he is usually a shortage. But the person is valuable not so much the absence of defects, the presence of many virtues.

9. Law influence

Setting affects how a person becomes. In medicine, there is such a thing - the rate of reaction. It is obvious that someone is destined to be slimmer, someone - better. But even within the concept of completeness can be plump handsome, but you can -. Bloated and dissolve to deformities
At the same genetics, mind you. This is called the norm of reaction. Even if a person does not get the stars from the sky, then he has a stock of this very norm of reaction. In one, he will be surrounded by a developed (even relatively), and the other - primitive. Setting affects many, if not all. We turn into those who are near to us, and much less likely to convert others to themselves.

10. Act on the polar reaction talent

Talented people always cause polar reactions: either delight or hatred. They can not be perceived with indifference. They are impossible to ignore, ignore. They are impossible to forget. They remember their love, their hate, think about them, envy them. Therefore, if you are talented, you do not rely on universal approval. Enemies will have because not all the talent they have got.

11. Law of the shared memory

Most people share a common memory of the events and all sorts of poods of salt. The shared memory is based affection and fair as calm stage continuing love. Thus, entering in the memory connects people. Want good attachment - fall into the memory of the good

. 12. The Law "Do not your people»

Do not your people do not care of you leave.


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