Marathon for one (20 photos)

New York City Marathon, which is held for 40 years, 6 November 2011 gathered another army wanting to test themselves. For most runners, this marathon is a test of physical fitness, but for Michael Melamed marathon became more and test the spirit: he had to overcome complex about a birth defect.

At birth, Michael was diagnosed with "hypotonic", that is, reduced muscle tone. Any action that requires muscle strength given to him with great difficulty. Two years later he was preparing for a marathon, 2011 in New York, exercising at home, in Caracas, Venezuela. At first, he was denied the right to participate, but later obtained consent after ran a half-marathon in Miami and entered into Archilles International. This organization helps people with disabilities to participate in the open athletic competitions.

Melamed to participate in the New York Marathon - an important event because it strengthened his faith in his own life principle "If you dream about something - make it a reality." He spent at a distance of 15 hours instead of the usual 4, but according to him, standing at the starting line was already a great achievement.

1. Michael Melamed trains in Caracas to New York City Marathon, September 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

2. Melamed trains at the stadium of the Central University of Venezuela. During the preparation for the New York City Marathon, he trained six days a week. (Romina Hendlin)

3. Melamed Dukeza with a cat in the house of the parents, in September 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

4. Halo Bermeo, Assistant Melamed in the past 15 years, helping him to stretch after a two-hour workout. In March 2010. (Romina Hendlin)

5. Melamed before training at the sports center Zona Pilates in Caracas, Venezuela, September 2011. Exercise helps him strengthen the muscles stronger and stand on their feet. (Romina Hendlin)

6. Melamed during exercise in the pool, in March 2010. (Romina Hendlin)

7. Oscar Flores, physiotherapist Melamed, measures his heart rate during a workout, March 2010. (Romina Hendlin)

8. Melamed ran his first 10 kilometers of the race during the Gatorade in Caracas, February 2010. (Romina Hendlin)

9. Melamed resting, running 10 miles in 3, 5:00, February 2010. (Romina Hendlin)

10. Melamed drinks nutritious drink after a seven-hour training session, September 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

11. One of the last training before the New York Marathon in November 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

12. Melamed goes for sportswear for the marathon. His sponsor North Face and Nike. (Romina Hendlin)

13. Melamed with the help of friends, Gustavo reggae and Danielle Blank tries on gloves. (Romina Hendlin)

14. Melamed down the stairs in the subway in New York, October 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

15. Training in Central Park in New York, November 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

16. Police Melamed applauded when he runs through the South Williamsburg in Brooklyn, November 6, 2011. (Romina Hendlin)

17. Melamed on the Queensboro Bridge during Marathon November 6, 2011. Physiotherapist Oscar Flores and manager and girlfriend Pearl Sananes follow him. (Romina Hendlin)

18. Friends, colleagues and family support Melamed at the end of the race. He ran a marathon in 15 hours and 22 minutes. At the finish line it was waiting for about 350 people. (Romina Hendlin)

19. Parents Melamed Alberto Maritz and congratulate his son, 6 November 2011. They flew from Caracas to New York to attend the marathon. (Romina Hendlin)


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