What can we learn from running

Not necessarily to run a marathon to apply some important lessons for present Jogging.

Sometimes we all have to carefully lace up shoes to overcome a difficult distance — literally or figuratively. Here are a few "marathon" lessons that will be useful not only runners

1. You are stronger than you think Body and mind are capable of incredible — for example, to survive the marathon length of 42 kilometres. Or, for example, to spend 42 years in a happy marriage. Recalling the most difficult test, which fell to your share, do not forget that you managed to overcome it. This is very important.

2. Incorrectly distributing the load, you run the risk of hitting a wall Condition which runners call "hitting a wall", is due to the fact that when extreme fatigue in the body over important chemicals. The reason is a wrong exercise regime or diet.

Similarly, in the life of anyone could rest against the wall, distributing the load incorrectly or insufficiently hard training: additional hours of practice can make a huge difference. And for goodness sakes, get enough sleep. The key to success — taking care of yourself.

3. If you don't try, the probability of failure will be 100% of Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky is best summed up by this rule: "one Of those shots that you did, 100% — wide". If you are signed up for a marathon, you certainly not run. Fear of failure is one of the worst phobias of mankind; maybe he only prevents you from achieving success in all areas of life.

4. Every climb is the descent Sometimes while lifting the legs fill with lead and literally persuade you to surrender. But if you will be able to overcome this feeling, soon the fate will reward you with movement down the slope, where the body seems weightless as if floating in the air. You will realize that the climb was worth it as soon as you pay the breath at the top.

5. Important a journey, not an endpoint , Yes, at the moment of crossing the finish line you will feel a great pleasure. Especially remembering that ahead of lunch. But how could you not want to just put another tick in the list of achievements, the process is no less important. He will teach you how next time to improve the result and again shows that you are able to cope with difficulties.

6. If it were easy, it would have made all the fact of participation in the trial makes you stronger.

7. We all have something in common All marathon runners United by a passion for running, but the reasons that led them at a distance, may be different. One runner tries to run a marathon in two hours, and the other does not want to and represents that each mile represents a cancer with which he fights.

We are all human, and that means we have a lot in common (very important to remember this fact at a moment when, because of some trifle you are ready to record a stranger at the enemy).

8. Age is just a number Fauja Singh ran a marathon when he was 101. And you're going to let some few wrinkles around the eyes to prevent great achievements? It's really not.

9. Breathe Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. It gives you life.

More than 42 thousand people on Sunday took to the new York city marathon. One of them had to fight a ruthless inner voice, claiming that the finish will not be achieved. For other more challenging obstacle was the physical limitations. The majority of participants learned something new about yourself and about life.

Sometimes we all have to carefully lace up shoes to overcome a difficult distance — literally or figuratively. Here are a few "marathon" lessons that will be useful not only runners. published

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