7 ways to run like a Pro

For some, running is a fun pastime, for others it is a tiresome necessity. But if you strive for perfection, then here are seven things you can do to be the best:Be consistent: If you stop for a while to run, then you will have to get in shape. So, if you want to go to the next level in your training, make sure that you become consistent. For example, run a special program to keep track of your progress.

Do the right thing: Thanks to the good posture in the neck and shoulders there is no tension, muscles do not tire prematurely. The spine should always be in a vertical position, the body slightly tilted forward. While running, avoid shakes his head. You need to head to move smoothly and without jerks. The movement should be springy and soft but not skipping, not to create unnecessary strain on the spine.

Dress properly: do Not have to buy expensive athletic clothing and shoes. It is important that you feel comfortable. Comfortable running shoes not only make classes more pleasant, but also help prevent injury.

Rule energy: Running on an empty stomach can prizvesti to the fact that your body will not enough energy. But also should not eat too much because it can lead to spasms. Eat foods that contain protein and carbohydrates.

Drink water: Drinking enough water is another way to give yourself a good run. If you don't drink enough water before the run (and during), it is likely you will have to stop due to fatigue or cramps.

Plan: It is not only about consistency. You have to challenge yourself. Running in the fresh air and not just on a treadmill develops speed and endurance.

Do more than just run: don't limit yourself when you do. There are many things you can do in addition to running such as stretching after each workout, strength exercises and a good sleep.

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