I want to be when I'm 55

- In 50 years, I was a typical representative of small business in Russia. His work, a lot of travel, delicious hearty food, little physical activity.

Although I did not think so. I thought that I'm an "active lifestyle". I loved the hiking, biking and trips to barbecues with beer. Now, looking at this activity, I simply "rzhu I can not».

What is the state of health I had in 50 years?

I almost did not go on foot. Before parking and back - 15 minutes of daily walking. If we go with the family, I have always kept up with his wife and children. I had a double chin, 48-50 dress size corresponding to the stomach and effeminate nasty tits. And I thought it was genetics. I could not catch more than two times. I have severe pain in the forearm at any load on your hands and I really thought it was coming any serious illness such as arthritis. My father died of it, and I thought it was hereditary.

Start heart ache. Increased pressure. In the car appeared nitroglycerin, I began to go to the doctors and first learned how to do a cardiogram.

In short. The prospect did not please. Life came to a close, and I felt it. Decreased libido I just copied his age. I finished off the moral got out from nowhere hemorrhoids. I will write all unvarnished. The topic of health can not be forbidden chapters. The body has launched a program of self-destruction. And this is no exaggeration. I have studied this subject well. If the body does not need to move and do not have a lot of requested features, they start to fade.

The gatherings on shish kebabs I have seen that things are not better than their peers, we are not often discussed women, as is customary in the company of men, and our sores. Public opinion supports the thesis that men do not live long, and at this age is not to strain yourself.

That this situation. The first step to health I did in 2006. Accidentally. He gathered in a mountain hike and the head of strongly recommended to start running. Began. I ran hard. Not more than 20 minutes. It was hard. I run about a month before going and then scored.

In 2007, aggravated the pain in the heart on the background of high blood pressure. Again, ultrasound, counseling, doctors. And then I got a good doctor. For a long time I listened, rattles, asked and gave recommendations.

1. Limiting salt
2. The restriction of animal fats
3. Physical exercise, weight reduction
4. Control blood pressure in the morning and in the evening (diary)

In words, he added: "I am a way of life forever." And he gave a sign on the refrigerator - useful and harmful products for lowering cholesterol.

With this tablet began my study of healthy lifestyles. Then I did not know about the possibilities of the body to fight for life and overcome the disease without drugs and doctors.

So, I started to act. Just do not think that in the morning I started to pour cold water, threw all the sweet and flour out of the house and began to eat sprouts. This will happen later. My body - a lazy and passive, and the subconscious mind works like we all have. An inner voice whispered: "Nothing should be changed, everything is fine, everything will be fine, still living».

Therefore, the process of changing lifestyles has been a long and gradual. I was going with the spirit of four years. Try to remember the main points.

So, I am 54 years old, height 170 weight 78 kg. Tightens 1-2 times, clothing size 48-50, heart pain, hemorrhoids and pain in the forearm at the slightest strain on your hands, eat a lot of fatty and fried, a lot of sleep. In the evening, always something to chew in front of computer. Sometimes I sleep in the afternoon. Any fiznagruzki tedious and do not like. Occasionally smoke behind the wheel, so as not to fall asleep. Every evening - beer, often - wine and brandy. Regular heartburn. It saves only "Rennie».

At first I started reading more books about health and physical education. I used to read them. Now re-read the Amosov, Fields Brega. I learned that a coronary heart disease and stroke. From what is hemorrhoids and how to treat it.

Gradually, people realize that genetics and heredity - a pistol and trigger - a way of life. The gun can not shoot.

I began to make very clear that we must change the way of life until the end of days. Then I wrote for myself the slogan "The main thing - the health of the rest later." I loosened personal involvement in the business and most of the time began to devote the theory and practice healthy lifestyles.

If physical activity was more or less clear (I'm in school and college doing skiing and running and had an idea of ​​the training), the food was a disaster.

How to live without sugar, flour and fat? What can replace the evening gatherings in the kitchen with a bottle of milk and gingerbread?

How can I live without fried without roach and beer? A cognac and barbecue birthday? The questions were more questions than answers.

Fortunately, in their quest for healthy lifestyle, I was not alone. I fully support his wife. We have only been talks about nutrition and training at the age of 50.

I must say that it is before I start to change your diet. I do yoga. And I watched her from the side. With something has been agreed, with something there.

Exercise I started to run, but quickly finished - left foot became ill. Then I helped Miller's book "Walking against drugs." I started to walk. I bought a pedometer and reeling steps. Norma was - 10,000 steps. I never carried it. It's really hard. But walking has become much more. He walked at a good pace - 6 mph. Decent load for a beginner.

The food helped me a lot of frozen vegetables. They could eat to satiety and do not get better and lose weight. The process of weight loss started. It inspired me to further steps. Bread loaves replaced. Sugar - honey. The meat - fish and squid.

I began to notice changes in the mirror. Waist and chest diminished. Slowly he began to leave the second chin. Now I have it only on a photo in the passport was.

I decided to make a press cubes. At first the task seemed not very complicated. We had to deal with for 10 minutes a day. Now I see how it was wise. Gradually and without undue stress, I was drawn into physical education. I had no idea that I'm from the press dokachus cross-country, cross-country and marathon.

So I did the press. A few simple exercises. Muscles grow stronger, and the press is not to be seen. I looked megabytes clips about news on YouTube. Finally I realized that it is necessary to connect the cardio.

I chose to run. This is the simplest kardiosredstvo year round. Now I run I believe one of the main source of my current health.

Then there were a lot of things. He began to run and prepare for a marathon. For the three months and prepared for a marathon run. Jogging themselves get more pay attention to nutrition. Already a purely vegetarian diet did not suit me. I decided to go on a raw food diet. Moreover, the wife has already started, but I doubt it. How can I run on raw vegetables? What will happen to the muscles? But what about the winter without hot?

And again helped book. Here the authors: Sebastyanovich, Ehret, Shemchuk, Stoleshnikov.

A lot of reading, analyze, compare. How many doubts and breaking habits.

Two months later, switching to a raw food diet, we successfully went to the cycling trip to Norway, eating only raw vegetables and fruits. That encouraged me.

Many people think that raw food diet - this is some dogma and sheer limitation. I did not go through the prohibitions, and by satisfying natural desires. If I wanted to fish, I eat it. I do not want to - eat salads and vegetables. And that it was not out of love for the animal world, and from the love of self. Although animal I also love, and now am glad that my diet has nothing to do with their murder.

And on the raw food diet in combination with exercise and I was born again. Now I'm used to this drive and lightness in the body, which came to me from the very first days of the transition to a raw food diet. I became less sleep, there was a lot of free energy.

I wanted to tell the world how it is easy and affordable - to get as many bonuses only on the change of power. I called all the relatives went to visit friends, to all of this personally convey. I thought that they were taken up by my endeavors, and together we will be recuperating and younger. Not a bit of it. I came across a puzzled look and twisting his finger to his temple.

What I have in the end today? It is a healthy body. Bald and not very healthy teeth - a legacy of past years. There are several cross-country injuries are also not considered.

Pulse rest - 45-50 strokes, pressure 120/80, weight 61 kg. I sleep 6-7 hours. It does not hurt anything the past two years. Excellent performance. I'm harder than ever to disappoint. I always anywhere find something to do. And believe me, it will be for the benefit of the organism. I train every day. Running, horizontal bar, parallel bars, weights, stretching. On the day on physical education I spend about an hour. In one of the weekend - a long run for 2-3 hours.

Briefly outline an action plan for the transition to healthy lifestyle, then I would recommend the following steps:

Set a simple but realistic goal. The goal must be specific, realistic and achievable for a particular term. Available immediately goals motivates you to move forward.

Explore the topic of nutrition. What it is, how much. Which products should be excluded and why. Definitely fast food, convenience foods, fried, salty and greasy. It is better to eat whole foods with minimal processing. I will not specify. Pick and choose.

Do not believe anyone on the word. Think, analyze. Learn from nature. It may help books, videos on YouTube, sites in the network. For the raw food diet is not campaigning. It is not a panacea. But I like it and I'm not going to throw. I've even calories never considered. Raw food diet - the perfect way to lose weight without staying hungry. Eat vegetables as you want, and you will lose weight. But I also know a lot of strong people my age, usually eating. Someone did not eat meat, someone - dairy products. The main thing, I think, moderation in diet.

Learn the topic of physical activity. fiznagruzki needed at any age. The older you are, the more time should be given to physical education in the broadest sense. I would single out three components.

Aerobic load , t. e. the load is not very intense, no oxygen deficiency. Pulse under such loads shall not exceed the amount calculated by the formula: 220 minus your age multiplied by 0 and 9. It is best to try not to raise the heart rate above 120 beats per minute. Aerobic exercise contribute to the development of the cardiovascular system, reduce the percentage of body fat, normalizes blood pressure, relieves stress and so much more. My Rating is: running, walking, biking, skiing. If you are overweight, start with walking. Gradually add the run. Bike and ski with us the season, and jogging and walking - Weatherproof.

Power load
Start with the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and back Next - must retract and start to do the exercises with their own weight. Squats, push-ups, pull-ups, jumping lunges.

Flexibility exercises
Set a goal to get the floor with his hands in the slope without bending the knees. Only without fanaticism. Flexibility is necessary to develop slowly, but regularly.

Find the adherents
It is important to do hardening
Put yourself mini-goals
I had these goals:

Press dice. to pull up 15 times in a row Make 100 push-ups in a row Standing in the bar 4 minutes Learning to stand on his head run 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 km. to run a marathon of 42 km. Continue cycling race of 200 km. li > To run Ski Marathon 50km classic. Learn ridge go skiing and run a marathon.
In all these endeavors, the main thing - gradually and regularly. It is better to deal with a little bit every day, twice a week for two hours. At low loads, regular body adapts better, easier restored.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours
It is not necessary to go to the gym. Trainers devised to reduce injuries and to develop specific muscle. We do not need this. It is necessary to strengthen all the muscles and develop the functionality of the body.

I never went to the gym. I prefer fresh air and winter only do strength training at home. For this is a pair of weights 16 and 24 kg and a set of collapsible dumbbells.

Not mentioned spiritual development. Here I am less savvy, but I also have something to say about it.

I always learn new details of training and nutrition. The best part of this business to me that his own aims and fulfill it. This brings great satisfaction. It becomes simply a pleasure to look at yourself in the mirror. Every morning you have an incentive to move forward.

You're, like, getting older, and the body looks younger. As though it was strange. You're nobody and nothing can stop it. Just ahead, the new Statement.

That there was no way back, I'm your goals and achieve them spread on the blog and in the channel on YouTube. Photos from the training publish in instagram. At first it was scary that tell friends how to evaluate my technique more. And now accustomed to various estimates. Negative miss by and removed immediately, constructive criticism to shake my mustache and try to correct.

P. S. Do not think that I am strong-willed and stubborn. Everyone talking about himself, trying to present yourself in a better than it actually is, as. I - the usual lazy, just got into a situation where he had to choose between life and not afraid of the word, early death. I think that will be with you in five years, if nothing changes. Em>

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