25 marasmus, over which we cried

When one is engaged not in the business, it can lead to irreparable consequences, and perhaps laugh. Fortunately, people's lives do not depend on advertisers, which means we can rejoice in their monthly insanity and curiosities.

This material contains the best marasmus and curiosities with expanses of Russia and the former Soviet Union sent to the editor Website and appeared on the network.

A brilliant marketing ploy.

What your child eats?

Exclusive offer for high school students.

Chips flavored crisps were not included in the frame.

Maybe it is not necessary?

Something this committee is clearly going wrong.

Thank you, no.

Noted day knowledge as necessary.

That would be great if it someone wants to return leased.

Lessons of hopelessness for the youngest.

Nice guy Andryukha. Even the lemonade was named after him.

Severe Krasnoyarsk circus.

Someone who?

And they eat meat from the meat and eggs from eggs.

Trucks today are cheap.

No, such a loan - it is sad.

The best title for the carriers.

Checkmate, Darwin.


Well, if you advise ...

When the beauty, poetry, passion and bestial shawarma merge in unison.

The laws of marketing in action.

The controversial statement.

But you can always buy everything you need in the store space.

Summer failed.

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