The exercise "Mirror": a fast and effective method for pain in the neck

Simple, fast and effective method of self-help for pain in the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine, ribs, abdominal organs, headaches.

The principle of operation twist therapy is the relaxation of the fascia, release the joint, restore circulation, energy flow in progress, those movements that the body itself has chosen for itself as a treatment painless. Man instinctively tries to make himself most comfortable, often twisted posture.

The task of the doctor to help him in the search for therapeutic status. Finding painless combinations of movements and locking them in the body, it is possible to conduct the treatment for any Department and level of the spine or peripheral joints.

The method is applied when tenderness, limitation of motion, pain radiating along the nerves passing in this area.

The principle underlying the exercise – the search for the most comfortable, pain-free provisions, including a combination of bending, flexion-extension, crunches.

The exercise is performed in the following way.

Consider the example of treatment of the neck.

Stage 1 – Diagnosis

1. Slowly run smoothly bending, then straightening. Stay in each position for a few seconds. Define what position is more comfortable, reduces or stops the pain. The memorized position. We return to the middle neutral position.

2. Slow-running tilt to the sides — left, right. Defined comfortable position. Remember. Return to the neutral.

3. Slow-running head turns left, right. Defined comfortable position. Remember. Return to the neutral.

Having defined the three most comfortable position, you can begin the treatment.

Stage 2 – Treatment


Consistently slow to translate his neck in a comfortable position of flexion-extension, and then, from this position to position of tilt to the side, and then performed a turn of the head, twisting. Stay in position for 30 seconds.

Gradually return to the middle position, successively removing the neck from the pan, tilt, and flexion-extension.

Make 4 deep, relaxing breaths.

It can be noted that at this stage the pain and discomfort is often reduced by 30-40%. It is an indicator of correct exercise. Range of motion of the neck also increases, but to actively test it is not necessary — it can disrupt the therapeutic effect.

Repeat the exercise, pausing in the comfort position for 60 seconds. Return to the neutral. Operated by 4 breaths.

3 times repeat the exercise with a delay of 90 seconds. Return. 4 inhalation and exhalation.

So completes a full cycle of exercises "mirror".


When performing exercises, don't strive to make it in a large amplitude or with great force. It is important to keep a sense of comfort, painlessness. Performing a movement monitor the resistance of the tissues of the spine – bumping into obvious obstruction (barrier) to stop and go back a little bit ago.

As a rule, the combination of 3 most comfortable provisions – mirror corresponds to a combination of the 3 most painful provisions. Hence the name of the exercise – "a Mirror". So if the original neck hurt to bend, to incline to the right and turn right, the medical position-the mirror is in a small extension, tilting to the left and turn left.

If none of the provisions is not completely relieves the pain, try to find of the two options less painful and to execute it.

Three components of exercise, the most important is the turning, twisting. If you cannot find three comfortable positions, try to identify at least two, one of which – the rotation of the neck, twisting.

Exercise can be performed for the rapid removal of acute symptoms, and treatment of chronic conditions. If the background of the exercises the pain diminishes but is not completely in 5-10 minutes, may repeat exercises. So running up to 3-4 times. For chronic conditions per day you can perform 3 sets or do the exercises every hour.

If continuation of exercise ceases to bring a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to conduct a new diagnostic test – may need other areas for correction.


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This exercises for the neck works wonders


When performing the "mirror" for a certain part of the body, may cause discomfort in other areas. For example, a comfortable position for the neck causes discomfort in the region of the shoulder joint or the thoracic spine. In this case, without bringing the neck of the therapeutic situation, to test movement in 3 directions for the disturbing parts of the body to find a comfortable combination and also perform the "mirror" for her. This combination of exercises for different areas gives maximum therapeutic effect. published




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