Perfect body: top 10 exercises

The secret harmony has long been revealed. The main components in a difficult struggle with excess weight is proper diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise and will power. How to get the perfect body in just 20 minutes a day, performing 10 major exercises?

The MAXIMUM Effectivethan trainers recommend regular exercise in the morning: half an hour after waking and on an empty stomach. To obtain a noticeable result you should not concentrate on one problem area, and to approach the issue comprehensively. The goal of the "perfect body" is achievable by means of systematic repetition of 10 exercises for each muscle group. Each exercise should be repeated 15 times in 2-3 passes. After several months of regular intense workouts, the shoulders will become more graceful, curves of the waist and hips more fluid and gait easy and confident.


 Goal: lean neck without wrinkles and double chin.

Flabby skin of the neck and the presence of the second chin externally added over five years to the age of women. If other problem areas can be visually masked with a properly chosen clothes and slimming underwear, then closed the neck area in most cases is a clear hint of a problem.

Straighten the chest, put your hands on my shoulders and try as hard as possible to pull the neck upward, while pushing your fingers on the shoulders. Ensure that the shoulders remained motionless. Take a breath, count to 10, exhale. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Relax your body and lower your arms at the seams. Head as low as possible tilt forward, then make a smooth left turn, the rotten neck back, then on the right shoulder and again on his chest. Now repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

Put fists under his chin and, overcoming the resistance of hands, open your mouth. Repeat the exercise 15 times.


Goal: lean arms without the effect of "wings" at the top of the shoulder.

Correctly to build muscle and achieve a chiseled terrain will help you exercise the biceps (front muscle) and triceps (back muscle). For these exercises you will need dumbbells weighing 1-2 kg. Take in each hand on a dumbbell and place your feet shoulder width apart. Alternately bend your arms to yourself and unbend. Do three sets of 20 times for each hand.

The following exercise is performed sitting. Sit in a chair, head in one hand and a dumbbell and start to slowly bend and unbend it. Repeat the exercise until you feel fatigue, then change hand. With one hand lean on the bench so that the body was parallel to the floor. To another – take a dumbbell. Bend and unbend hand with dumbbell, always ensure that the upper part of the working hands pulled out from the body.

Another exercise is also performed while seated. Take dumbbells in hands, bend your elbows below the dumbbells were at the level of the shoulders. Gradually unbend the arms, raising the dumbbells over your head. At the top point, fully straighten the elbow joints. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 15 times.


Goal: chest.

The female breast consists mostly of fatty tissue, so each kilogram plus or minus impact on its shape and elasticity. With exercise it is impossible to make the Breasts more elastic, to increase the size or change the form, as it contains no muscle fibers, but regular exercise will help to strengthen the pectoral muscles and is able to lift the chest.

For this exercise you need a chair or fitball. Upper back lie on the surface, while holding the torso on bent legs. Take in each hand on a dumbbell, straighten them and keep on yourself. Slowly start to lower your hands behind your head, down as much as possible. Taking a deep breath, pull your stomach while lowering the hands. Returning to the starting position, exhale. Do four sets of 12 reps.


Objective: elastic stomach.

In order to achieve excellent press, it is important to remember that the reduction of deposits in the abdomen, in addition to exercise, contributes to reduced calorie diet. Drink more water, ditch unhealthy eating habits – fast food, sweets, pastry, and proceed to the exercises at the press. Lie on your back and bend your knees, feet together, attach arms in the castle at the back. Lift the body to the knees, slightly lifting the shoulder blades off the floor. The lower back should stay in place. Repeat the exercise 30 times three times.

Lying on your back, bend your knees and raise your hips so that they become perpendicular to the floor, hands should be stretched along the body. Stress lower abdominal muscles pull your knees and pelvis towards your chest, lifting your pelvis completely off the floor. Repeat the exercise 30 times three times.


Goal: slim the waist, visually flattering femininity.

Correctly performed bending effectively help to get rid of extra inches in the waist. The joining of hands in hands, slowly make slopes in different directions. Follow back – it should be smooth, the slopes should be done strictly along the side lines of the legs. Make two passes for 15 exercises.

The following exercise is bending forward and backward. Put your hands on your waist, stand up straight, feet should be shoulder width apart. Inhale and slowly do a forward bend with a flat back hold this position for a few seconds, return to starting position and make the deflection of the lumbar back, and then again longer. Make 2 approach to 15 exercises.

Exercise "Mill". Take the inclined position, the legs should be straight, back straight. Start gesturing like a windmill in different directions. In this case, one hand should be as close as possible to the leg, the second high above the head in a straight position. Do the exercise in two rounds on 15 swings with each arm.published


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