Guinness World Records 2011

May 4, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of brewing company «Guinness» went hunting in the North Slob, County Wexford, Ireland. They got into an argument with your friends about what kind of bird is the fastest in Europe, but he realized that the books do not have such information. Then he decided that it would be nice to have a book of records, which could be to find answers to such questions. The first edition of the Guinness World Records for 197 pages was published August 27, 1955, and by Christmas this book was a bestseller in the UK. Since the release of the first edition has sold over 400 million copies. The last part - "Guinness World Records 2011».

Stephen Parks (UK) began collecting Smurfs as a child and since then has not stopped. On 28 January 2010, his collection has reached 1,061 pieces, including figurines Christmas and Easter Smurfs and Smurfs in historical costumes.

Most spoons on his face. Most spoons - 17 - managed to fasten themselves to Aaron Cassie (from Canada) on the set of the program «Lo Show Dei Record» in Milan April 18, 2009. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

Janet Estevez (US) gathered the largest collection of objects with Mickey Mouse - in her 2760 different things - at the time of December 11, 2008. Collection collected since 1960. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Record

John Cassidy created the largest model airplane of the balloons. (Richard Bradbury / Guinness World Records)

The longest nose in the world - 8, 8 cm from the forehead to the tip - belongs to Mehmet Ozureku (from Turkey). The nose is measured on the set of program «Lo Show dei Record» in Rome on 18 March 2010. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

The longest tongue in the dog - 11 43 cm - belongs to Puggy - Pekingese Becky Stanford (US). The measurements took place in a veterinary clinic «Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic», Texas, May 8, 2009, when Puggy was nine years old. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

The largest number of tubes that ever shoved in his mouth - 400. It did Simon Elmore from Germany, who kept them 10 seconds on the set of the show «Mark 'n' Simon Show» in Sollhubene, Bavaria, August 6, 2009. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

The smallest cow in the world - 85 cm from the rear to the front of the hoof - Swallow belongs to Martin and Caroline Ryder (from the UK). It was measured at the farm «Pike End» in Rishuorte, UK, 14 September 2009. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

The heaviest limousine - "Midnight Rider" weighs 22,933 kg. Its length is 21 feet 3, 4 and the height of 1 meter. Michael Machado limousine designed by Bartolomeo and Pamela (US) in California. He began working Sept. 3, 2004. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

Labrador named Tabby Sandra Gilmore from the UK over the past six years has helped to put into processing about 26,000 plastic bottles. Dog collects bottles during the daily walks, crushing and giving their hostess. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

The longest hair - 5627 mm - owned Chinese woman Tsiping C. They measured the May 8, 2004. She grows her hair since 1973, where she was 13 years old. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

Most heavy shoe 122 in the world weigh 8 kg. They used the Chinese Zhang Chzhentsi on shooting of «Lo Show dei Record» in Rome on 18 March 2010. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

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