What can you tell us about the pictures that we post on the social network

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What can you tell me about us our photos online? About any hidden complexes, or hidden desires, sometimes even we ourselves are not conscious, they can tell the world?

Site analyzes the most common types of images in social networks.

1. A variety of selfies (selfie in the mirror, lifelike, pitoresque, etc.)

Under the abundance of selfies in profile is hidden exaggerated the need for recognition and approval others, focus primarily on yourself, self-love, and a great tendency to narcissism.

2. Sexy selfie

Lips "duck", underlined the attractive shape of the body... Your message to the world: «I'm uninhibited, willing to experiment girl". Think, and you should openly broadcast to the world that you are "on the market", and your body is the bait and the way to sell themselves dearly.

And do you think men that are configured for a serious relationship, a peck on a bait?

3. Photos couples

This is a demonstration of your Union and what you perceive as strong and lasting. The way to tell the world: "I'm not alone, I am loved, needed and appreciated».

If these profile photos a lot — it's a reason to ask the question: why do I need this? what I want to say these shots? Perhaps behind this is the need to prove something to his former lover(Noah) or of winning the competition from less fortunate friends.

4. Photos in the company

If your profile most of the photo is a photo partying, photo, where you're having a good time in the company, then this may indicate inner emptiness and loneliness. And of the fact that belonging to some community of people flatters your ego. You broadcast to the world: "I chose this team, I am part of it. And I find it flattering."

5. Children

There are 2 options. If we share our children's photos put it on the avatar, it is a sign of fatigue from adulthood, responsibility, loans and mortgages. Behind this subconscious desire to return to childhood, the need to take care of us. "Take me in your arms, Pat on the head," reports the world is a photo.

Second option — we are sharing photos of their children or your photo with your child. This we say: "I'm a mom, this is a great achievement in my life."

6. Animals and pics of animals

If this is the account of the photographer, pictures of wild animals in their natural environment their habitat is the indication of professionalism. But if usual boy or man put on the avatar photo of a wild wolf, the graceful Cheetah is an attempt to wishful thinking. The owner of the page wants to appear brave and strong.

At girls as a rule, dominate, photos all the cutest animals. For example, adorable kittens (rabbits, puppies) or girls with kittens. These photos show sentimentality and infantilism mistress account.

7. Nature

It again not on account of professional photographers. If your profile a lot of photos of landscapes, then this may be indicative of life satisfaction. Life is good, and enjoy nature. But can speak and exhaustion mad everyday rhythm's needs for solitude and contemplation of nature.

8. Glamorous images

The abundance of photos in the profile is the need for narcissistic support, in the emotional "stroking" in the form of likes and flattering comments. And this is the occasion to reflect on their self-esteem and alternative ways of its strengthening, not lead to dependence on likes and the virtual world.

9. Photos from travels

For someone photos of trips is indicative of a desire to emphasize their status (or the desire for it), possible. "Let's see how and where I can afford to relax," the broadcast photo.

But for others — material evidence reality held travel, those feelings and emotions that were experienced. Confirmation of the fact that you have reached the point where you have visited millions of others, but you're here for the first time, and it's your personal achievement (for example, a photo in front of the Eiffel tower or Machu Picchu in Peru).

10. Photo on the background of yachts, expensive cars, luxury goods

It's a way to tell the world on its success (often imaginary or desired), to emphasize a certain social status. To declare: life is good!

11. Photos of food

It's not about professional food bloggers. Photo gourmet food from expensive restaurant — an attempt of self-assertion, social self-promotion. And if it is photo in profilee mothers in the decree or housewives it the desire to prove (primarily to myself) that things are not worse than others. That the kitchen may not be less interesting than the talks, in offices, at conferences, festivals, etc.

12. Extreme photo

Skydiving, mountain climbing or wave surfing is about the stream the world truly masculine qualities: courage, strength, reliability, endurance.

But for extreme selfies (selfies on the roof of a skyscraper, train with the predator) is the need for recognition the need to be noticed, to feel alive. Young people can literally get hooked on the needle like on an emotional cocktail of fear and pleasure they experience, making extreme selfie. Loved ones should pay attention to this fascination and, perhaps, consult a psychologist.

13. Your funny pics

Apparently, the host (or hostess) pages confident and has self-irony. Because to spread "distorted" photo of yourself, especially if we are talking about the girl — it requires courage. But maybe he (or she) just "semiwet" their problems?

14. Photos in the office

If the profile photos are often found in the office, in a formal setting, the human obviously important to his professional life, implementation in society he is full of ambitious, and ambitious plans. For the owner of this page is important as a greater number of people to show that he is a professional high-level, occupying a status position.

15. Items, layouts, a part of the whole

These photos give a person who wants to seem non-standard. They also speak of a creative nature and aesthetic sense.

16. The real photo without the filters and photoshop

Such photos say that people perceives himself the way it is. This category also includes the situation when a person for several years does not change the avatar, this tells about the stability of views, moral maturity, that there is no need to show off to anyone in social networks, to the emotional "stroking" in the form of likes and compliments.

Such people use social network for chatting with friends or for work and not as an occasion to show itself in all its glory. They prefer not to photograph moments and share them, and live them in all its fullness.

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