We tested the new FaceApp application into the stars and learned how they will look in 30 years

Twenty two million seven hundred seventy nine thousand seven hundred fifty six

Always interesting to look at 30, 40, maybe 50 years ahead and learn how to change our appearance. What about famous people who every day are making a lot of power to stay young and beautiful forever?

We Site decided to lift the veil of the future and tested popular application FaceApp at the famous actors and musicians.

Emma Stone 247c4cc6c7.jpg

Ninety four million seven hundred seventy three thousand eighty three


Ryan Gosling 479665a627.jpg

Seventy seven million five hundred seventy one thousand six hundred ninety two


Natalie Portman ddc51619df.jpg

Thirty nine million ninety six thousand one hundred one


Chris Hemsworth 5b1cd42d90.jpg

Sixty four million eighteen thousand three hundred sixty three


Emma Watson 4e865eedf5.jpg

Eighty five million nine hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred fifty


Eddie Redmayne af58ca972f.jpg

Forty three million five hundred fifty one thousand two hundred thirty


Kristen Stewart 60221bc428.jpg

Thirty three million nine hundred seventy one thousand five hundred forty


Robert Pattinson f5ca0f7bb6.jpg

Seventy one million eight hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred ninety eight


Blake Lively 1ad96e1fbf.jpg

Forty nine million one hundred eighty six thousand seven hundred thirty five


Ryan Reynolds 9486e678f9.jpg

Forty three million three hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred sixty two


Jennifer Lawrence f6c397d397.jpg

Ninety one million three hundred sixty two thousand three hundred sixty four


Elijah Wood be5eb85a4c.jpg

Thirty five million two hundred seven thousand five hundred eighty four


Margot Robbie 2143c4f915.jpg

Eleven million one hundred fifty six thousand three hundred five


Shia LaBeouf c18e2bfb35.jpg

Sixty two million forty seven thousand three hundred fifty


Beyonce 276261f50b.jpg

Forty one million two hundred sixty seven thousand seven hundred thirty six


Jared Leto 16e07936dd.jpg

Forty eight million five hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred forty seven


Photo on preview Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/eastnews

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