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Smart gadgets are becoming more and is in General good because of the possibilities such devices offer a lot. Smart watches, trackers, heart rate monitors and, of course, scales help a person to understand the condition of the body during exercise, sleep, normal walking.

With regard to smart scales, yet models of such devices are very few. Among them is the model QardioBase company Qardio. For the first time the device was presented in January 2015 at CES, shipping began in the autumn of the same year. The results of the tests in this article.

Main functions list immediately, and then we will evaluate the design, features, application and everything else. So, QardioBase than the weight, measure body mass index (BMI) and a full set of indicators that determine the composition of the human body. The percentage of adipose tissue, muscle and bone mass, water balance. There is even a mode for pregnant women — but more about this later. And now — the details.


QardioBase: designAt first glance, QardioBase — scale with excellent design. After a detailed examination of the device confirmed this view. Libra will look perfectly in virtually any room with any design — even in the hall, even in the bathroom. Their body is round, covered with tempered glass. Under it is the led display which shows the measurement results. The display in the standby mode, invisible, the image appears only during measurement.

QardioBase smaller and lighter standard weights. If you turn the device will see a plastic base. There's a slot where you put the batteries (8 AAA batteries). Why so many? The fact that the device need only 4 batteries. The developers decided to use an interesting pattern: when sets first battery module (4 PCs), begins to work the second. At this time, you can replace the batteries in the first module without risk of data loss and reset, as it happens with some other smart scales. Eight batteries will last about a year of use, after which they can be replaced or recharged if you use rechargeable batteries.

The measurement accuracy is sufficiently high, the discrepancy with the measurements carried out in succession, is not more than a few dozen grams.


QardioBase: device CapabilitiesFunctions of these weights quite a lot. And here the important role played by the presence of the display. For example, when you step on the scale, they show a smiley face — a trifle, but nice. Emoticons, the developers decided to use as a simple motivating feedback. If there is progress — shows a positive smiley. There is no progress — smiley face neutral. Well, if the user is moving away from a set goal direction, then the balance be upset, by showing a sad face. All this makes the device seem like closer to the man.

As mentioned above, QardioBase is a "smart" scale. This means, in particular, that they transmit all the data in the corporate application. If there is a Wi-Fi network, all data the device will transmit wirelessly to the cloud. And already the application on the mobile device will receive data from the cloud. That is, forget about the scale weighing, no need to keep your mobile device is nearby, send the measurement data is automatically. If Wi-Fi network is not, then the data in the application can be sent directly via Bluetooth Smart. Learn about what measurement was made and stored in the application due to a soft vibration.

Measurements of fat, bone and muscle tissue are due to the presence of bioimpedance sensor which, by measuring the conductivity of the body allows us to understand the percentage of different tissues and water in the body. Measurements of this type weights need to contact with the human skin, so the socks weigh-in will not work.

Bioimpedance sensor can be disabled — this is required in the case that the scales used by people with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators.

As for the regime for expectant mothers, when activated, the user begins to monitor progress in the development of a fetus. The developers have provided the ability to add to each dimension in the application, their photos or even ultrasound results, so then you can remember every step of the way. Of course, if there is no desire, the photos can not be attached – no problem.

There is support for multiple profiles. So scales can be used by the whole family. If there is a risk of incorrect triggering (in case weight vzbesivshiysya users alike), the scale on the display display a list of available profiles. Toggle options can be a mild touch of the foot on the surface of the scales. The measurement results can be shared with friends or send information to your doctor.


QardioBase: featuresEighty nine million one hundred sixty three thousand seven hundred five

QardioBase: appSetting the weights using the application is a fairly simple process. First, of course, need to download the app, it's called Qardio app. Then the user must create an account, to include scales, stand on them and follow the instructions. The device is equipped with Wi-Fi module, so that data wirelessly all the time sent to the cloud, which syncs the application. There is Bluetooth module in case if there is no network access, giving the ability to sync data directly.

The measurement results are displayed on the display of scales, as discussed above and in the Appendix. The program shows the results of recent measurements and log measurements for a long time. By the way, the user is able to set goals — for example, to lose weight up to a certain parameter or to build muscle mass.

The app interface is intuitive, to work with the program without problems. There are different sections where you can see the processed results of measurements in the form of graphs or tables.

The scales remind of the need for regular weighing using the same application. Because if you do not monitor the dynamics of weight, why bother to measure?

The application can be configured by removing some elements of the measurements (such as body mass index), if necessary. The results of the measurements can be sent to Apple Health — Libra is compatible with this software platform.

If you have a blood pressure cuff Reading, the results of measurements made with this device, will also show up in the app. And you can see the relationship between their own weight and blood pressure.


The bottom lineQardioBase — minimalistic smart scales with a balanced set of features and excellent application. With their help you can easily observe the dynamics of changes of its own weight or other parameters of the body. The possibility of supplementing these readings with measurements from the tonometer Reading — another plus in favor of working out with weights.



  • Excellent design;
  • Simple and effective app;
  • Easy and simple setup;
  • Support multiple users ' profiles;
  • Integration with Apple Health;
  • Accuracy of measurements.
Minuses :


  • Requires 8 AAA batteries. published  




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