How to choose the right scales

The recruitment process and reducing body mass are stressful situations for all of the internal organs, because for the normal functioning of the body requires a steady rhythm and regularity of the flow of metabolic processes. Weekly weighing should be for you a mandatory ritual that will allow you to keep your finger "on the pulse" of your biorhythm.

Kinds of outdoor iconpolice scales are a very popular product which produce many famous home appliance brands. This device is represented by two main varieties. Mechanical scales. The mechanism of this type of scales is very simple. The main active element is a metal spring, provided with a measuring scale and plate.

It should be noted that an absolutely accurate measurement of body weight with the help of such scales is impossible. So depending on the type of device enter the maximum allowable error. For ordinary mechanical scales this error is from 500 grams to 1.2 kg. Medical scales are more accurate – for them, the error is only of 5 to 100 grams.

Mechanical weighing scales are durable and reliable in operation. In these scales, the minimum of parts, and break, in principle, nothing. If you miraculously managed to bring them down (to weigh a dinosaur or "Boeing"), in your own again to lead them to a healthy state without the involvement of highly skilled craftsmen. Also this type of balance has a low cost.

An important caveat in using "mechanics" is an absolute energy autonomy – they can be used all year round and in high-tech metropolis, and in a wild primitive foothills of the Himalayas. This sturdy, reliable tool has its disadvantages. These include: the large size medical mechanical scales, a decent error is normal.

With some justification in our age of high technology the disadvantages can be attributed to their narrow specialization. Now, when even irons have an Internet connection, the device that performs only one function, causes mistrust and fear. In short, mechanical bathroom scale – a standard of reliability. Electronic scales.

This group of scales on design features is divided into 3 varieties: Scales with a mechanical base and the electronic scoreboard. They function exactly like their mechanical counterparts, only the result of measurement is displayed on the LCD. The advantage of this type is a good visualization of the result – not leaning, we see large and clear figures.

These scales are not very expensive, though for their service you will have from time to time to buy batteries. Electric scales. The principle of operation of such scales are entirely gone from the mechanics. The measurement is performed by fixing the changes of the electric field in the wire placed between two metal plates.

Electronic component significantly reduces the degree of error in measurements. The scales of the new generation. The results of the last developments allowed to create scales on the basis of four sensors that read information from the entire area of the depression and give the CPU the most accurate information about the pressure produced on the plate. The testimony of those scales give values with an error of up to 5 grams. Recent trends of technological development can turn your scales into a real diagnostic center.

The advantages of electronic scales in front of mekhanicheskimi the advantages of electronic scales include the following. The accuracy of the measurement. We have already mentioned that the accuracy of electronic scales ranging from 5 to 10 grams. It's important for people to strictly control their weight from day to day.

The multifactorial nature of the measurements. The latest models of scales allow you to measure not only body weight but also the percentage of bone, fat and muscle tissue. This is achieved by measuring the electrical potential of the body. This type of scales are not recommended for children under 10 years, women in an interesting position, people with diseases of the heart and brain.

The presence of memory of the previous weighing. With this feature, you can track the progress of your body mass in time. You can also track changes in the balance of fat and muscle mass for a certain period of time. The presence of a user identification.

Before first use, you create your profile, describing the basic parameters – age, height, and others. As soon as you step onto the scale, they will automatically determine your identity and put the appropriate settings, options. Determination of body mass index. This value determines the degree of conformity of weight of your body growth and size. You enter your basic parameters, and the microprocessor automatically calculates this index. The presence of the automatic shutdown function.

This option allows you to save battery life by turning off the appliance in case of prolonged inactivity. Some models are fitted with a wireless monitor that reads the parameters of the body without bending or knocking down the readings. Fresh models can connect to a PC. The presence of a clock, a thermometer and a convenient choice of units.

Buying floor scales – what we should look for?Any purchase should be useful and bring only positive emotions. Therefore, we give some recommendations on the selection of floor scales. The weight limit. Undoubtedly, we love ourselves most of all technological innovations, but let's be objective and will behave with compassion towards the unfortunate acquisition. If the mass of our "ego" more than 100 pounds, you should pay attention to the maximum weight, which is calculated on the balance.

This will help to keep intact and our self-image, and the measuring device. Mechanical scales typically have a higher threshold load capacity compared to the electronic counterparts. Average devices – regardless of design – can withstand up to 140 – 160 pounds. If your weight exceeds these figures (on the assurances of conscience and of common sense), you can find instances for a "massive people" capable of measuring up to 200 kg.

The units of measurement. Many models of scales offer owners the opportunity to choose units of mass. However, there are scales that measure your weight exclusively in exotic units, pounds, stones and other inches. The purchase of such weights will surely spur you to Excel not only physical but also intellectual, since it will make every time in my mind to convert the seen figures are more familiar and understandable.

Batteries. Electronic scale the vast majority work on batteries. There are models running on solar energy or the kinetic energy of the momentum of the pressing plate. But the reliability and stability of operation of such devices leave much to be desired. Not to mention ascetically functionality – this amount of energy will not clear.

Therefore it is better to buy a car on ordinary penlight batteries and accumulators formats AA or AAA. Lithium batteries provide a longer service life on one set than the other counterparts. LCD. This element is extremely important because it is the main source of information for the user. The display can show weight, time, ambient temperature, battery level and many other valuable and relevant information.

It can be backlit, large size, to stand out in a separate companion device to the user's convenience. Functionality. Before buying, think about why you buy scales. If you just need daily to maintain peace of mind, looking at the numbers stable weight, then fit the most common models. In addition, you will save money – like scales have a loyal price.

It is quite another thing, if you are active in sports, the cardinal are struggling with excess weight and generally watch your health very seriously. You'll need to purchase a solid multifunction device that will give you the most complete picture of the dynamics of metabolic processes in your body, will allow to objectively and fully assess the results of the effort.

Choose the material. Libra is not only extremely useful household appliance, but a very naughty piece of furniture. Therefore, you should pay attention also to the appearance of the purchased device. Rosy and playful female "vesoizmeritel" will look at least strange in the bedroom brutal pumped up macho.

It is important that the basis of the mechanism was metal. This helps to protect it from mechanical damage and increases the lifetime significantly. The most unassuming are the scales with a plastic surface. They are inexpensive and have various colors. If you like the feel of natural material under the legs, the perfect solution will scale with the surface of wood (often beech).

For fans of futuristic industrial design scale with glass surface. The combination of glass and metal looks very modern and high-tech. Do not be afraid that the glass will crack. The surface of the scales is made of durable tempered glass capable of withstanding considerable loads. For true connoisseurs and aesthetes market offers devices scales with the surface of the stone. Models of such a plan usually have quite a lot of weight (10-15 pounds) and accordingly high price.




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