Corporate horoscope which you're the boss?

The words "Chief" and "slave" - ​​masculine. And yet, according to the law sandwich, it's that the boss - a woman, but subordinate to it are men. To such a situation did not cause unnecessary problems, and there are people who call themselves astrologers. They look at the sky from a scientific point of view and give useful advice. If you are interested in moving up the career ladder - you here. Especially recommended to be attentive to those who wished to seat herself in the chair head.


Aries-Chief can not stand loafers and hacks. Seeing someone Philo, he immediately asks the heat, but if the perpetrator promises to continue to work in good faith, he will forgive him and give opportunity to prove it. Working under his beginning, be prepared to stay late at the office, and sometimes come to the service on Sunday. But he will look through your fingers when you're late for work, will return half an hour later a lunch break or ask for time off to attend the funeral grandmother (to go to a football match), though he probably might have sent you if you told the truth.
As for bonuses, salary increases, Aries is not stingy, but instead expects his subordinates to throw all private affairs, if something important or unexpected demand for this company.
Aries-head appreciates and respects enterprising employees with a creative streak, but do not try to outshine him, you is not easy. Despite the apparent self-confidence, he is deeply in need of encouragement and support from employees, wives and even passers-by; I am extremely happy when someone recognizes his contribution, on the other hand, may become despondent if he finds that the state does not approve the methods of leadership and generally underestimates his ability. Despite its independent character, the head of Aries is counting on the loyalty of the staff and is willing to pay him the same. So be mindful of him, and he will reward you handsomely.
If a young woman yearns for thrills, then with him she did not miss. If she needs a partner in life, you can rely on, with whom you can feel like a stone wall, it refers to the wrong address. Aries can be the epitome of passion in one moment and cold as ice - in the other. If he offended you, or lose interest in you, his nature under the influence of the planet Mars, immediately "stiffen" the novel will have to start all over again. Aries is impatient, bold and confident, he likes to be the leader, can be very generous and sympathetic, but also impatient, selfish and demanding, when his desires are not fulfilled immediately. If they outwardly calm, there is no doubt: in full swing at all of them with emotion. If things are broken, Aries will try to glue the fragments and in every possible way to save the situation. If a man is born in March and April, seriously in love, he remains faithful to his beloved. His honesty and idealism do not allow him to have several links at the same time. However, if the beloved does not support it the illusion that it is a fairy princess, she may lose him.
Aries is possessive and very jealous. In this he is only the lion. Therefore, even a careless glance it as hydrochloric or lover to another man, let alone this change may result in trouble. He put his beloved on a pedestal, and will demand that she did not dare move.
He is not stingy, likes to make gifts, but does not suffer when the wife controls his expenses: his money, he earned it and have the right to spend it at their discretion. And in general it home - the boss, though not like his wife to engaged only in housework and embroidering napkins. He needed an intelligent life partner - that you know how to twist ...
When Byron wrote that men love - this is something that exists apart from his life, and for a woman to love - her whole life, he obviously forgot that there is a sheep. Although she thinks that her love for all the sheep so absorbed everything happening within and around itself, that it is unlikely to do so. Of all the women in the zodiac March-April lighter than other women do without men. Of course, the sheep have their ideal, but none of those around her of the opposite sex does not correspond to him, because she believes that she will cope with everything better than any of them, and certainly faster.


Working under the rukovoditelya- "bull", understand one golden rule - never experience His patience. Although it is quite difficult, it seems inexhaustible patience. Today, he did not pay attention to the sloppy printed document, not scolded you for an extra half hour, stuck to the lunch break. Tomorrow you're going to be late is not half an hour and an hour, and before you know - you and fired with a bang, seemingly for no reason, no reason at all ... It is better to mentally hang a sign "Danger - a ferocious bull" on the door of his office and never forget about it. "Taurus" -boss respects disciplined servants with common sense. In addition, it requires his subordinates that they did everything the way he wants. Nothing can change the decision, "calf", as he had already received.
Taurus head very practical. He is always seeking to expand their business, but not half-measures, but seriously, and on a large scale. He does everything slowly and thoroughly, without listening to any "suspicious" innovative ideas of its employees. However, he was always loyal to those who, in his opinion., Will never let you down. Taurus Head never spent in vain words: if he says his stupid slave, so he does not change his opinion and the need to submit a letter of resignation on their own; if the employee passed the exam on the loyalty, reliability, common sense and knowledge of the business, so it suits him, and it is waiting for a fairly rapid promotion.


And now a few words about the director, born between May 22 and June 21. This man, as it is specifically designed to hold the presidency of any firm. But he did not intend to spend in it all my life. Such people tend to be managers, consultants or Vice President, monitoring the order in the company than to be chained to a chair from 9 to 17, regardless of the height of his proposed post.
When the company assigns "twin" of the presidency should certainly expect quick and significant change. He is an enemy of tradition and love all kinds of innovations. So, it will make to move the furniture in his office a few times, will require additional handsets, will bring a secretary to a white heat their demands to conduct filing and will change the daily routine in the institution as long as it does not completely coincide with his own.
Guess the mood of the boss-Mercurians - totally senseless thing, because now he can monitor the behavior of their employees on the clock and celebrate even the few minutes you spent to swallow a cup of coffee, and the next day do not pay attention even if you grab a couple of hours to lunch break. This head usually does not condescend to the small parts business and is always happy to shift responsibility for their performance on other people's shoulders, while his restless mind busy "global" and a progressive plan capable of doubling or tripling the firm's profits. Using the whole arsenal charming smiles and lovely jokes Gemini boss is able to persuade the client to anything, but internally it is as cold as ice - so the protective properties of nature awarded him the planet's birth.
Man acute, mocking mind, Gemini always will appreciate mental abilities of their subordinates, and especially their sense of humor, so get him something better joke than whining and tears. In general, the work under such a person is very interesting, so use it until it has been drawn to another field of activity.


Whatever cheerful mood boss cancer may be, come to work, he immediately becomes a very serious and businesslike. The smile on his face can appear only in the event of failure of a competing firm or impudent demands for higher wages from an employee who has not had time to show what he can do. Seven hours and fifty-eight minutes of his eight-hour day "cancer" and did not think to smile, not that laugh.
Boss- "cancer" has set itself only one purpose: to make money. And the money can be earned only through hard work. The harder he works, the more "zelёnenkih" it gets, period. This simple truth would be nice to learn and his staff.
Whatever he was doing business, it is best to succeed as the "Seller", regardless of what sells on - shares or thoroughbred horses. He is a great master to guess what people want, and they get this product with sufficient profit for themselves.
The "crayfish" memory like an elephant - they rarely forget anything. This also applies to when you go to work, when you go and how many visits to the toilet. But he also remembers how many evenings and Saturdays you worked overtime and reward you appropriately. "Cancer" is harsh, but fair, and compassion is not alien to it too - he thinks it indispensable quality of a true gentleman. But he is definitely a gentleman. In cancer, in effect, a soft heart, softening of the brain but it does not suffer. Although he has a keen and practical turn of mind, in the soul of the romantic, which often prompts him to engage in the development of this industry, which profits from it would be possible to use the development of science and humanity. His dreams are beautiful, and always built on a solid foundation.


"Lion" by nature the head. He believes that the rules of state regulations, taxes and labor laws do not exist for him.
He does not like to go into details. His usual method of issuance of orders is that with pathos dictating typist several high-profile common phrases, he then said to her with a charming smile: "Well, and then you yourself know what to write, just to have everything ready by tomorrow morning. .. »
Typical boss- "lion" loves to employees who can produce creative ideas - it's good for the firm. But such a person should be prepared for the fact that he will express it at the next production meeting and added: "This is a brilliant idea that came to me for the last time." And to be truly convinced that invented everything himself.
One bossa- "lion" was assistant manager, who worked overtime every night, plus on Saturdays and Sundays. It is implicitly carried out all his orders. But one day she accidentally heard him talking about it on the phone. "Yes, Esther really wonderful employee - he said - but it is a little lazy." Do you think this woman immediately filed a letter of resignation? Not at all! Because who else, if not superior, knows how to praise her a new dress? Who gave her a bracelet with topaz birthday? Who ordered the change to her typewriter because the color was acting on her nerves? Who paid the bill for the treatment of her sick mother and gave her letters to the Department of mediocre sister? All the same boss- "lion". In addition, she is proud of its reputation in the business world and the fact that under his leadership, the company increased its revenues by several times. He looks through his fingers that it is delayed after the lunch break, and recently gave her fiance a reprimand for what he paid her enough attention. And you say "quit»!
"Lion" can appreciate the good staff, but will not hesitate to express their displeasure when someone, in his opinion, does not work well. So too proud employees to better find another place. Moreover, the head of Leo can not tolerate any intrigue in the office. When he is given credit, it is downright purrs with pleasure. He can assign your ideas depressing countless moralizing or stories about their superiority, be aware of all your deeds and give friendly advice when you do not need them, but who else will allow you to keep your child at work when away from you suddenly left the nurse? Of course, he could give you a vacation for your account, but you need him ...


With regard to the professional qualities of people born under the sign of Virgo, they are more likely suited to the role of subordinates than managers. The increased sense of responsibility makes them too much worry about the mistakes of others. But advisers and they are excellent performers.
If the head of Virgo is in charge of a small company with a number of employees not more than fifteen, he copes with his role. However, the "big business" is clearly not for him. Of course, there are exceptions, especially if "virgin" in the Ascendant (the brightest rising star or constellation in the natal chart (the arrangement of stars at birth star) - Cancer. They are very successful, but it is rare.
Head-virgin kind, fair, considerate and honest. If you are working under him, want to get a promotion, be accurate, fast, accurate and error-free work.


Head-balance is not often seen at the desk in the office. Most often, it is as if on the edge, teetering in one way or another, trying to catch his balance. As soon as he does succeed, he is once again at the table in his office, but again briefly.
Scale chiefs possess a rare quality - they are very active at the same time, surprisingly calm. This is to some extent resembles a delayed shooting.
Many heads of Libra love and know how to speak and have the gift of persuasion. But even more, they love to listen to. This is especially important to make responsible decisions. In these cases, Scales listen to as many opinions, not only of his deputies, but also the Secretary and his subordinates, will certainly take an interest, what they think about this woman, a lawyer, and even the porter, and only then, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" , will take a decision. Scales are afraid of responsibility, and in case the decision will be wrong, you can always say, if only for their own comfort, "In the end it was not my idea, but my lawyer (or my wife)».
Chiefs-Libra, which managed to achieve harmony and unity of mind and emotion, can be regarded as a fount of wisdom. Working under the supervision of such a person - a pleasure. Cabinet Libra is decorated in pastel colors on the walls of paintings and engravings, and certainly recorder or receiver, from which pours soft music, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of Libra.
Among the heads of a weight very often women. Their only difference from the Libra male will be more exacting attitude toward discipline. In all other respects they are as honest, fair, truthful, just tend to weigh their own and others' words, thoughts and deeds.
Chiefs Libra pay much attention lunchtime treat it like to take food, but as a pleasant pastime. The money Scales are very ambiguous. Sometimes they are mean to pettiness, sometimes endows his subordinates as Santa Claus.
And finally, all the bosses-like scales occasionally invite subordinates to his home. Do not spoil the impression of loud laughter, vulgar manners and fierce arguments. Remember that his motto - harmony. And if you can not destroy it in his presence, you will ensure a long and fruitful collaboration.


Even President Theodore Roosevelt himself Scorpio, once said: "Speak softly and politely, but carry a big stick." The main feature of the character of the boss Scorpio - is the ability to keep their plans and intentions secret, but pulling the whole story from his subordinates. If one of them does not meet the strict requirements of his or contradict him, he immediately expelled. Scorpio especially appreciate employees who can work in a team, and to those who love him, he can be pleasant and even charming. However, this boss does not tolerate emotions - neither his subordinates nor himself. But in an emergency situation it is all lit until you deal with it and then closed in itself. It should be noted that all the leaders, managed by Pluto, are not afraid of any difficulties and we are sure that there is always cope with them, thanks to his extraordinary will power. They dictate their will and bewitch, so much so that you will think that it is better, smarter and kinder chiefs there.
Scorpio has an uncanny ability to guess the thoughts and life experiences of their subordinates. He will understand your mood and help in difficult times. But do not waste it compliments, be restrained him as he is.


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