10 free applications for sports at home

If you want to bring the figure in order, while not spending a fortune on tickets and travel times to the fitness center, then this article is for you. Website and gathered the top 10 free applications, so that you can work out at home. Now excuse, "Oh, something's cold outside, not going anywhere," not a ride.

Personal Trainer for daily workouts circular h3>

Sworkit Lite - very handy app for sports with lots of exercise. You choose the type of exercise (stretching, yoga, power and so on. D.), Specify the time and appear on your screen videos with real athletes who show you the exercises. The application saves your results and every day reminds you about training.

Platform: iOS, Android

Improving figure h3>

Nike Training Club app has been designed specifically for girls, so we ask the men to step aside. To start training, you need to choose a goal - harmony, vitality, strength - and in accordance with it, you get access to a huge amount of exercise. Each workout consists of several different exercises that are accompanied by step by step instructions with photos or videos.

Platform: iOS, Android

7-minute workout h3>

The application is designed for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time to practice. 7-minute exercises will help bring your body and body tone. The application is accompanied by voice guidance and pictures that explain how to do the exercises.

Platform: iOS, Android

Make up training plan h3>

Appendix "30 days» is developing a training program for you for 30 days. For example, you decide to keep the bar in the morning. On the first day you are doing this exercise as much as you can, and then the application of the program for a month, gradually increasing the load.

Platform: iOS, Android

Ideal body h3>

It's a real treasure for those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle. The application is made in the form of an encyclopedia in which you can find a lot of useful information. Individual exercises for men and women, training program, and so on - all of this will be available to you. The application can work offline - is a big plus.

Platform: iOS

Yoga h3>

Annex "Yoga Club" you will find free video tutorials and diagrams of exercises of yoga in comfort. Large complex training is designed for both beginners and for those who just ace in the case.

Platform: iOS

The daily training h3>

The application contains a fast and efficient videouprazhneniya for men and women. You only need to run the video and start practicing. Classes are conducted by a certified trainer.

Platform: iOS, Android

Training in the form of games h3>

Appendix Teemo is designed in the form of fun and adventure. To begin the exercise, you will need to enroll in the program using Facebook, Varant other developers do not offer. After that you will be available to all tasks, such as such as "conquer Everest" (in fact you'll take the stairs). Progress in the exercises will be displayed with a special icon.

Platform: iOS

Wring correctly h3>

Appendix "Otzhimator" will help you to do exercises correctly. You just need to select the number of push-ups: Put your phone under the chest and lowering the body at the right you will hear a beep.

Platform: iOS, Android

Diary of exercise h3>

To your workouts have become the most efficient, you need to record the time and day of your course. The Training Diary lists all the required exercises, as well as plan activities that can be built in several phases.

Platform: iOS, Android

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