GT08: Apple clock "for the poor"

In the wake of wide sales Apple Watch Chinese "Uncle Liao" could not remain on the sidelines and not try to do something different. The range of "smart watches" on a variety of online stores ranging from "absolute clone", which will try to vparit in the lane at half price on this Watch Sport, to the "original design", vaguely reminiscent of the progenitor and issued for their development.

That got my hands - close to the center of the spectrum. The clock is clearly similar to Apple (and appearance, and the menu), but the apple logo nadgryzannogo contain are slightly different layout of the controls, and sold in the store under its own name (GT08 / EG08). I was terribly interesting to see what can be blind for $ 68 $ 55 dollars, and whether it can look decent (ie not to be ashamed to put on his hand, and out of the house). Spoiler: they can be used without a phone call!

But about all in order.

Performance Claims
... the alleged seller. Producer could not be found. I>
Wireless: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz, Bluetooth 3.0 , NFC (first blatant lie seller) i>
Interface: English, Chinese, Russian, German, etc. (the second and final blatant lie seller) i>
Screen: 240x240 TFT
Memory: 128 MB + 64, + MicroSD ( up to 16 GB )
Battery: Li-po 350mAh (enough for 2-3 days)
Color: black
Functions: Sleep monitoring, camera, pedometer, telephone calls, synchronize contacts, answer a call, phone lookup, phonebook, music player count calories notification calls;
Case: stainless steel, moisture protection NO;
Strap: rubber
Weight: 62 g
Package dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 9 cm
Package weight: 235 g
Price: $ 67 (with all sorts of coupons and is $ 54, about 1/6 the cost of these Apple Watch)
Compatibility: Android + Bluetooth 3.0. Supports iOS not. The manufacturer warns of possible incompatibility with the type of custom firmware MIUI.

Unpacking and appearance

Clocks supplied in a square box consisting of two halves in the form of prisms.

Inside lie on a soft substrate (suddenly) Watches:

Packaging is simple: watch the flat cable MicroUSB, the battery on the 350mAh, instructions in English and Chinese and plyonochku (!) Hours on the glass (do not think that someone will take advantage of it):

By the appearance of hours no complaints, they look decent. Nothing creaks and no backlash, no plastic burrs. Top honor glass, aluminum on the sides honest.

Behind - plastic honest:

Above the touchscreen TFT-LCD 240x240 pixels front camera eye can see:

On the right side there is only one physical button-shaped wheel (rotation purely decorative, you can not scroll through the lists):

On the left side, under the maskirusya button is to plug connector MicroUSB: it is necessary for charging and connecting to the computer (mass storage device). At the same face of the speaker holes visible (bottom) and microphone (top):

Cap sits tight, but certainly not save us from getting wet:

As, however, and the rear plastic cover: sit tight, but the gap under the nail (for removing the cover) is quite large, and the water to leak out without any problems. However, moisture protection, no one promised:

Here, under the cover, you can see the inscription «3D SOUND» in the tradition of Chinese art. Under the battery is hidden slot for a SIM card, and MicroSD. Yes, the clock can be used as a full-fledged phone, media player, voice recorder ... as in spy movies. This will be a little later.

The functions of the clock
I ran on the menu in this video. Text - on:

Dial: There are three types of the dial. Add more impossible.

camera But it may be useful application that allows you to broadcast images from the camera on a smartphone camera clock and make her shots. To do this, your phone must be installed BTNotification, which describe below.

Sample video camera hours:

Example photo:

Number you can dial numbers or select a contact from the installed SIM card, or view the contact list on the phone (when connected via Bluetooth).

At the same time, you can watch how to make a \ to accept the challenge and talk. Yes, right through the clock, either Hands-free or attach them to the ear. It looks weird and uncomfortable, but it is possible. I suspect that the pupils of elementary and secondary school students from a "spy" function will be delighted :-) notification of an incoming call can be both vibration and melody (preset or audio file to your taste).

Note: the first silly thing developers - by default, when an incoming call, the sound goes the clock. Yes exactly. You got on the wrist vibration alert, got the phone, press the "Reply", put the phone to your ear and hear the caller's voice ... on your wrist. However, it decided shutdown "voice" for hours in the Bluetooth settings on your phone. I>

Pedometer Xiaomi MiBand , counts about 15% fewer steps. It is difficult to say which one of them is lying more :) Theoretically, you can sync with only one fitness app of it below:

«Annex»: bold minus those hours - is somewhat similar to "applications" such as QQ and WeChat (Chinese messengers), who may try to get involved only if the SIM card (successfully start any of them failed), browser (marked with Google Chrome), also worked only for internal GPRS SIM card, as well as the Chinese fitness app «FunDo». The latter caused a pain, because the design purely kolenochno-Chinese, and normally it has not worked (force close every 5 minutes). It would be better if all this was not simple.

Reminder "on zasizhivaniya»: function, which is to remind you to get up and stretch their legs. It can not work simultaneously with the counter steps.

In addition, there is a couple of hours in a completely incomprehensible to me shortcuts, "Radio" and "Sputnik". The first requests to play "connect the headphones," which is difficult to do in the absence of connectors for these. Second, in the absence of communication with a smartphone, just install the application BTNotifier, and in the presence of this application displays only the inscription «Clear» and button «Exit». His appointment remains a mystery to me.

Applications for smartphones
BTNotifications ( link to the * .apk ) - the most problematic part of the device. Chinese application responsible for forwarding calls / sms to access / camera and other things done poorly. Maybe it's in my Android 5.0, but the app works very unstable and often crash.

Basic functions (such as receiving or sending calls, phonebook smartphone, etc.) are available without application, but to send SMS, for example, or for remote camera control is necessary.

Yes, this application may receive any notification on the clock, pulling up to the stylus in the Galaxy Note, not to mention the WhatsApp, FaceBook , etc. ... You can individually enable or disable the display notification from each of telephony applications including system.

As I said in the first part of the review, the impression of a dual clock. On the one hand, this is a great (for this price category) iron design: no creaks or loose, no gaps. Housing - real, not painted metal; screen, though, and has a mediocre viewing angles and resolution, closed glass and accurately responds to your touch (you can even typing on the QWERTY-keyboard!). Looks a lot better than most of the "pieces of electronics", worn on the hand and called "clock" (just look at what is on sale at AliExpress by request «smart watch» and you will understand what I mean).

But the software performance is poor. It seems to be really impossible to distinguish the production of the extra two or three thousand green pieces of paper, that the programmer has worked more diligently? But this would make a much more functional product.

At this stage, it is a stylish accessory for those who do not mind Chinese origin and explicit allusions to his "mastermind". Basic functions - notification calls, SMS - application somehow performs. Compare with diverse and magnificent clock Moto360 LG are, of course, it is not necessary, though, would be due fundamentally different price category.

Personally to me in the top of the unit seemed complete nonsense, but on the second day of wearing, I realized that is not so bad, and perhaps leave them until I am. In the end, they can give the younger brother, who is one of the spy device will be delighted.

A below - poll on your relationship to wearable crafts from China.

What do you think about these "inspired by other people's ideas" devices?
Negatives: Do something different! Neutral: anyway. Neutral as long as counterfeiting are not trying to pass off as the original Positive: more than fakes, good and different! Voted 473 people. 47 people abstained. Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please.



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