New Horizons sent to Earth the highest-quality photo system Pluto-Charon for the moment

New Horizons space probe continues. Two months later, the spacecraft will reach its goal and will be held at a minimum distance of Pluto and its moon. However, the significant results of the probe are shown now. For example, NASA recently posted on the Web very clear at the moment pictures of Pluto and Charon - a much better image than those that previously got Hubble.

Some experts have made an animation image sequence, keeping it all in the format of GIF. On SIFCO we see Charon orbits Pluto, shown here during the time between 12 and 18 April. The distance from which the image were made - 96 million kilometers.

And another image:

It is worth noting that these images may be considered light areas near the poles of Pluto. Perhaps this is ice, not water, but rather, it is frozen molecular nitrogen. Scientists have processed pictures of Pluto, obtained by the station, and found that the albedo of the polar caps is higher than other parts of the surface albedo of the dwarf planet.

At the moment, scientists can only guess what surprises will present the planet and her companion at the time of the closest approach New Horizons to Pluto and Charon. By the way, minialnoe distance is 12,500 kilometers.



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