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In the era of mobility every smartphone user wants to maximize the functionality of your gadget by installing different applications. Regarding Android, for this platform, there are thousands of different applications. The task of the user is to select those that are appropriate for him. What if it's environmentally conscious smartphone user? We will tell you about five of the best eco-apps for your Android, with which you will be able to contribute to the common cause of environmental protection.

1. Go Green

Nowadays more and more people are trying to lead a "green" lifestyle in all possible ways. App Go Green for Android will help you with this. Every time you launch the app, it will show you a little "green" tip on the subject of everyday life. These tips apply to a variety of areas – from power management to "green" cooking. Using these small recommendations, people not knowing where to start "greening" your lifestyle, easily find your way around. Download the app on any version Android absolutely for free. Install and follow the simple and helpful tips!

2. Green Tips

This app is developed by the European Agency for environmental protection. In the sense, it resembles the previous one: the program provides the user with more than 150 different eco-friendly tips on use of transport, recycling, healthy lifestyle, water consumption, energy consumption and other resources, and more. In addition, the app features integration with social networks so you can share any advice with your friends in Facebook and Twitter, thus helping promote "green" lifestyle.

3. Eco Charger

After the phone battery is fully charged, it should disconnect from the network, because the device consumes energy even if the battery is charged to 100%. But we often forget to unplug the phone from the network and it pulls nowhere precious energy. On a scale of one smartphone this amount of energy may seem meager, but in the scale of the whole planet is already on absolutely other figures. The app Eco Charger reminds his host that the phone is fully charged and should be disconnected from the network. The program also can inform user about the battery overheating and too high voltage, contribute to the safety of the device.

4. Eco Buzz

This Android app works as a widget on the home screen. The program allows you to be aware of all the climate, weather changes, and various new ways to lead a green lifestyle. The program is available for Android versions 2.3 and above and displays the information as news on a web page: header plus the initial proposal. To learn more, please click on the application. In the end, you can keep abreast of the latest news in the field of climate and ecology.

5. My Recycle List

This application was developed by resource and is freely available for Android versions 2.1 and above. With this program the user can locate the nearest recycling centre: glass, rubber, paper, metal and other. My Recycle List has been developed to facilitate for people the process of disposing of rubbish. The user only needs to enter the postcode of the place where it is located, and select from the list the recyclables. In response, he will receive a message indicating the addresses of the nearest points of reception, as well as a link to Google.Maps. Now to be conscious in the issues of recycling of materials has become even easier.

It's not all apps that somehow contribute to the protection of the environment. In Android Market you can find exactly the program that meets your priorities and preferences. But the main thing here – not the soft of your phone, but still your own. After all, if you are going to have the desire and zeal for environmental issues, the application on the phone is a nice utility.



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