Solar floating schools of Bangladesh

Green technology is initially used as an alternative to unsustainable economic activities, leading to the degradation of the ecosystems of the planet Earth. Protection of nature on the global and local levels continue to be their main purpose, however, not the only one. Clean technologies don't just replace a dirty, but give people new benefits, enhancing the quality of life and giving opportunities, which the early inhabitants of the remote areas and the poorest countries were denied.

Where there is more water than land instead of buses, people use boats. In a country like Bangladesh, the boats overcome the spills that occur regularly in the monsoon season. However, organized a floating transport infrastructure simply is not, and during floods, pupils and students are at home because you can't get to the place of study.

If "the mountain will not come to Mohammed"? Right, school should come, or to come to the students. This idea is embodied in the life non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, created enthusiast Mohammad Rezvan (Mohammed Rezwan). Mohammed floating in remote areas of their country, to make people's lives better.

His calling the organization sees in the work to improve the quality of life in Northern Bangladesh, providing essential humanitarian services to the boats. Among the services an extensive list of ordinary and familiar in other places activities. It is the education of children, access to libraries, the introduction of sustainable agricultural technologies adapted to climate change, health care, waste management, digital literacy and providing access to the Internet. The organization's work is extensive and multifaceted. It uses the services of 88 thousand families living in hundreds of villages on the shores of rivers.

The idea is to provide humanitarian services on the boats came to Mohammad Rezvan is not accidental. He was in a similar situation when I was studying to become an architect. Having studied the best of traditional design, local boat and modern methods of sustainable development, Rezvan equipped with 54 boats and runs in the selected direction since 2002.

The boats waterproof roof. To power the equipment is solar powered, boat mounted photovoltaic panels. In the inner rooms – computer labs with led lighting and high-speed Internet access.

Lights are required for classes, but they also promote environmentally friendly technologies by showing the local population than can be replaced the traditional kerosene lamps. Sometimes Mohammed Rezvan distributes solar lamps to reward the best students.

Starting with education, Rezvan saw what great potential it carries its method and expanded the sphere of interest of Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha to other spheres of humanitarian activities. Today, boats come in not only children but adults to learn more and to obtain necessary assistance or support.


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