The most absurd lawsuits

What claims are not only absurd encounter in their practice judges. So for example, the parents of one of the American students have filed a lawsuit against the school and the teacher was accused that it allegedly awakened their fallen asleep during a lesson son too loud bang, which is why 16-year-old deaf in one ear. We offer a selection of the most absurd actual lawsuits.


Batman sues Batman
The mayor of Batman, which is south-east of Turkey, sued the company Warner Bros for the fact that it illegally used the historical name of the city in the film without his consent.


Antiques dealer sued the homeless
In 2007 in New York expensive antique shop owner Karl Kemp & Associates filed a lawsuit in the amount of $ 1 million and asked the judge to ban several homeless closer to his shop because they are deterred buyers of its kind.


PETA sued the department for supervision of fishing and hunting
Defenders of animal rights organization PETA, returning to the regular meeting, knocked on his car at the wrong time ran out on the road a deer. Then they informed the local rangers that are going to bring them to court because they were carried out a program to increase the number of reindeer in the woods.


Black Americans sued Michael Jordan, because it looks like a basketball player
In 2006, Allen Hekard sued Michael Jordan for "mental suffering" that he feels because of the external similarity with the athlete.


The woman filed a lawsuit because of a broken ankle on the child
Kathleen Robertson of Austin has seized $ 780, 000 for injury resulting from the fact that the woman had the imprudence to trip over the baby, who was playing in her store. The remarkable thing about this case was that the child turned out to be her own son.


The man sued the family man he downed
In 2008, the Spanish businessman Tomas Delgado decided to condemn them to death seven downed guy because of the damage caused to his luxury car.


Mother killer sued the factory where he worked
After Jonathan Russell perpetrate shooting at the plant, killing three of his colleagues on the machine, and then shot himself, his mother filed a lawsuit demanding to recover from the workers compensation for the suicide of his son.


The man demanded that the ex-wife to return the kidney he
In a divorce American surgeon Richard Batista demanded from his wife to return to him his kidney, donated to save her life. If this condition is not fulfilled, then Richard intends to seek compensation from the couple of $ 1, 5 million dollars.


The woman filed a lawsuit because of the cookie
In 2005, two teenage girl decided to please his neighbors homemade biscuits. However, one of the neighbors called Wanita Yang did not appreciate the surprise and filed for girls in court, because supposedly they knock on the door of a woman sparked panic attack.


The boy sued the school because of a non-existent level of
When a high school student Brian Delekta passed the practical training program in legal office of his mother, he received an assessment from her A +. However, the school in which he studied the boy changed its assessment on A, as in the American system of assessment score A is considered the highest. However, Brian successfully defended in court their right to non-existent in the school assessment A +.


Music company sued the composer of silence
In 2002, the owners of the copyrights to the works of the musician John Cage threatened court composer Mike Batt for the fact that in its present track album consisting of silence. Thus Butt violated copyright in a work titled Cage 4'33 ", consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence.


The offender filed a lawsuit against their hostages
In 2010, convicted Jesse Dimmik sued the people held hostage because they allegedly promised to help him escape from the police.


The client of the bank filed a lawsuit in the amount exceeding the sum of the GDP of the whole earth


RIAA has accused the deceased of piracy
The Association of American recording industry has filed thousands of lawsuits against people accused of downloading too active music through file sharing. However, among the many legitimate claims met and misunderstandings. For example, the plaintiffs claimed that a certain 83 year-old Gertrude Walton guilty of illegally distributing more than 700 songs. The daughter of the woman said that her mother during the life of never coming to a computer.


The family filed a lawsuit because of the SMS, which became the cause of the accident
One couple from New Jersey filed a lawsuit against the girl, whose time has come not smska motorcycle driver who crashed into them. Still, the judge rejected the claim, saying that she could not be responsible for the actions of the driver.


The man sued the pharmacy to sell him a sedative
Scott Simon of New Jersey bought at a local pharmacy strong sedative that is in no small dose drunk at a party and as a result fell into a coma. After the man actually went in the other world, he sued not only in the pharmacy, but also to all visitors of the club, and even on the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.


The woman's husband, who died because of the product package, sued the supermarket
One man from Nebraska sued the supermarket Wal-mart because of poor package for carrying the products that caused the death of his wife. Tragically bag suddenly broke in the parking lot near the store, and he fell out of the bank damaged the woman's leg, resulting in bleeding, blood poisoning and then to death.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were accused of involvement in the terrorist "Al Qaeda»
Jonathan Lee Richers told the court that he saw the whole family Kardashian with Kanye West, took refuge in the mountains of West Virginia in a secret training camp of al-Qaeda. There they allegedly burned the American flag and trampled photo of Obama. Also, the complainant stated that she is Kim ringleader of a terrorist organization.




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