The Walking Dead: the actors on the show and in life

And we continue the story of how the actors look popular television projects in the life and in the movies. Today it was the turn "The Walking DeadĀ».
Write in the comments of the characters who are "walking dead" do you like and who causes negative emotions.

Lauren Cohan
Farmer's daughter Maggie Greene, whose role is played by Lauren Cohan, is not afraid to kill a zombie butt or a stool, but before you start shooting, the actress has long doubted. 31-year-old Hollywood star said that at first it scared violence and death in the series:
The first time I saw the show, I flew on a plane and just about had to bring lunch. But I immediately lost my appetite and lifted her folding table back.

Andrew Lincoln
This actor plays the role of the stoic leader and a "moral center" of the team, which is ready at any moment to destroy the zombies by sticking his sword into his head. During an interview with Men's Health Andrew Lincoln admitted that he does not need a sports trainer to keep fit. It simply involved in the shooting of the series "The Walking Dead" - this zombie apocalypse, which require a lot of strength and excellent physical preparation.

Steven Ian
His character Glen Mun day after day trying to survive in subhuman conditions. He wears dirty clothes and trying to find clean drinking water. In real life, the actor has nothing to do with his character: a 29-year-old Ian flaunts in expensive suits and buys unique things.

Sarah Wayne Callies
Sarah Wayne Callies character named Lori had already left the show, but its presence is still felt by spectators. She was the wife of Rick and the mother of his son Carl. In real life, the actress performs an important and honorable mission: it is a party to the International Committee of the saving - the humanitarian organization that helps refugees.

Norman Reedus
Judging by the huge number of fan clubs, pages in social networks and the increased interest of spectators to Norman Reedus, he is one of the most popular characters in the series "The Walking Dead." With his calm, confident and arrows that are always at hand, Daryl Dixon recalls Legolas fighting the zombies. In the original comic book series was not the character, but the creators of the series so impressed listening to 44-year-old Reedus the casting, which came up for him a hero. And it has paid off!

Laurie Holden
Andrea was one of the most despised characters in "The Walking Dead" and the actress Laurie Holden even received death threats from rabid fans of the series. 43-year-old star, however, her character tries to defend to the last, claiming that it simply "a bad taste in menĀ».

David Morrissey
The villain and a scoundrel, a former governor of a small town, and the one-eyed bandit - as soon not call his fans of the popular show. Hero David Morrissey really deserves praise, because he is indifferent expression killing their own assistants and always ready to start a fight with anyone who goes against it. However, this does not negate the fact that it is quite a charismatic leader of a group of people who are also trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Denmark Gurira
One of the most controversial characters "walking dead" Michon perfectly wields a sword and can kill zombies at a distance of a hundred meters. Mysterious Girl and military, whose role is played by Denmark Gurira raises many emotions of the audience. But few know that the 35-year-old actress is primarily a playwright, and even received many awards for his works.

Chandler Riggs
In an interview with GQ Chandler Riggs he said that in many ways is similar to the character of Charles, so not too difficult to get to know his real character. 13-year-old actor says that if you carefully follow the show, you can find a lot of similarities with him and his character.



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