On the TV series "The Walking Dead"

The plot of the series "The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead) is based on the eponymous comic book, but differs substantially more detail. The series tells the story, which begins six months after the zombie apocalypse has begun. A group of people were face to face with death, trying to survive. It's time to move on to the fun facts.
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Of the 20 characters in the series, only half exist in comics.

In the first season of the word "zombie" does not sound once.

Name doctor Edwin Jenner in the series is not accidental. British scientist Edward Jenner was the pioneer of the vaccine. He invented the first to introduce into the human body non-hazardous vaccinia virus as a protection against infection.

Actors playing zombies, pre-trained in the special zombie school, in order to realistically go and do any movement.

When in the first episode of the first season Grimes scored his first "zombakov" blood on his shirt looks like a smiling skull.

Daryl Dixon is a weapon crossbow «Horton Scout HD 125".

Dale Horvath in the first season was seen with cigarettes «Morley». This is a fictional brand that prefer "smoking men" in the TV series "The X-Files."

On the creation of a memorable living dead took more than three hours of preparation.

As admitted Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, when it needs to look dramatic, it is that his beloved dog dies.

During all days of shooting, the actor playing the zombies had dinner together, but separately from those who played the people.

Carl wears a t-shirt with a print «Science Dog», another project of the author of the series Robert Kirkman.

The thirteenth episode of the second season was filmed in a rather cold night, so after filming crew had with the help of computer graphics to clean steam out of the mouths of zombies.

The ratio of zombies and living people on the show about 5,000 to one.

Real name T-Dog - Theodore Douglas

Actor Jeffrey DeMunn, who plays Dale starred in all the films, where the author was listed Frank Darabont.

City, King County, where I came from Rick Grimes, in fact does not exist. Darabont thus paid tribute to his friend Stephen King.

The final episode of the second season saw more than 9 million, a new record in the history of cable television. Earlier record belonged to the first episode of the same season (7, 3 million viewers).

October 14 this year launched the third season of the series. The first episode is called «Seed»
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