Producers of "The Walking Dead" will film "The Chronicles of Amber"

The producers of the series "The Walking Dead» [The Walking Dead, 2010] Robert Kirkman and David Alpert from Skybound Entertainment Company announced on July 19 in his blog about the beginning of work on the adaptation of the saga "The Chronicles of Amber" for television. To work on a new TV series, they teamed up with Vincent Newman Entertainment. Currently Kirkman and Alpert are looking for a writer.

"The Chronicles of Amber - one of my favorite book series of all time, - says David Alpert. - Producing the project - is the realization of a very long dream. I can not wait for the moment when we will share this story with a new generation of fans. »

Cerial "The Walking Dead" is included in the 200 most highly otsenёnnyh series version iMDB, and received the "Golden Globe", along with forty other awards. Also, the series holds the first place in the total number of viewers in the history of cable television. The premiere of the fifth season attracted an audience of 17, 3 million. People, which is also a record. It is taken for 6 seasons of the series, and the planned filming of the seventh.

"The Walking Dead" Written - Frank Darabont, who worked on the TV series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" and "Mob City" and an adaptation of the book "The Green Mile" for the big screen. But either he is not interested in the adaptation of "Amber" or too busy with the current job, resulting in adaptation will deal with the other person.

"The Chronicles of Amber" - epic, telling the life of the royal family, ruling the universe, consisting of parallel worlds. These worlds are "shadows" (in the terminology of the author, in another translation - "reflections") cast by the only "real" world of Amber, is a stronghold of the Order. At the other end of the scale of the infinite number of worlds, the shadow is Chaos Yard.

Members of the royal family and their blood relatives have the ability in using willpower to move between different "shadows." Five of the ten volumes of talk about what is happening in terms of Prince Corwin, the other five - from the perspective of his son, Merlin.

First published in 1970, "The Chronicles of Amber" have sold 15 million copies worldwide. Actors Alessandro Zhuliani and Wil Wheaton in 2012 recorded audio books with the full version of "Chronicles».

The author of "The Chronicles of Amber" - Roger Zelazny, American science fiction writer (1937-1995). He was born in a family of Polish and Irish. Already in the 10 years Zelazny wrote tales. The university initially studied psychology and then he transferred to the Department of English Language Arts. In 1962 he received a master's degree from Columbia University with a degree in "Drama and Elizabethan eras Yakobianskoy».

Zelazny was fond of martial arts and fencing, got a black belt in aikido, playing chess, studying Hindi and Japanese, became interested in meditation and mysticism. His passion is reflected in his books. This is mainly fiction novels, where science fiction is intertwined with fantasy and mysticism. The author also often turned to the mythologies of various peoples of the world.

On account of R. Zelazny about 20 novels and four collections of short stories. It is six times received the award "Hugo", three - "Nebula", once - French "Apollo", was awarded the magazine "Locus" award for the creation of "The Chronicles of Amber". He wrote several works in collaboration with Philip Dick, Fred Saberhagenom, Thomas T. Thomas and Robert Sheckley.

Zelazny was a close friend of George Martin, the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" which we owe a new surge of interest in the fantasy works. They participated in a joint literary projects (series "Wild Card"), Martin and even claimed that the creation of the "Song" was inspired by "The Chronicles of Amber". Zelazny, Martin called "the narrator, who has no equal," to create a "vibrant, exotic and memorable worlds, some of the best in this genre».

Skybound Entertainment, founded in 2010, is engaged in various entertainment projects, from television and film to interactive content and video games. In addition to "The Walking Dead" company produces the series "Cast Away", which tells of a young man trying to understand why his whole life with him there are various supernatural things.



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