The actors who could fulfill the role in the cult film (31 photos)

Characters is the foundation of any work of art. They can love, they can tolerate, at the same time they can cause such opposite feelings like hatred and admiration - but if this is the author's intention, there is nothing to worry about. Much worse, if the characters do not cause absolutely no emotion.

When it comes to literature, it's simple - the author only limits the imagination, and the rest he is free to describe the characters as he pleases, the paper said, can endure. But when it comes to the movies, then this scheme is added to the actor who gives life, there is only the creators of picture in your head.

And, like everything else in the art world, acting execution are different: good, bad, just not bad, mediocre, and the like But sometimes, the film and the characters get so catchy that after viewing the viewer is not able to provide someone else in this way. And the more interesting cases where it turns out that the creators had originally planned to give a role completely different actor.

Terminator (The Terminator)

Today, the word and the name of Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger are nearly synonymous. Indeed, it is practically impossible to imagine anyone else in the role of invincible machine of the future. In the end, even the creators of the long-suffering franchise restart not come up with anything better than to turn Arnie the cast of the upcoming reboot.

But things could be very different. Initially, James Cameron Terminator represented small, not to attract attention to a cyborg that can easily get lost in the crowd, in general, quite logically, based on the objectives of his mission. Because Cameron planned to give this role to his friend Lance Henriksen. The director made a few sketches from the image Henrickson T-800, and even used it a very original way to convince doubters of investors to invest in the film.

So, on the day of the talks, the office of Hemdale Pictures literally broke man in a leather jacket, whose face was all in bruises and cuts, and teeth covered with gold foil. This uninvited guest was Henriksen. The phenomenon of the actor really made a strong impression on the audience (some even wanted to call the police), and help Cameron get the money he needed.

However, ironically, this success has led to the fact that new producers insisted on the need to take some of the famous actor one of the main roles. Someone remembered the star of the recent hit "Conan the Barbarian," Arnold Schwarzenegger has been invited to meet with Cameron to discuss the film and their participation in it - and the rest is history.

Curiously, Henriksen could also play another cult cyborg from the 80s. When, in the early days of the filming of "RoboCop" emerged ease adaptation actor Peter Weller in RoboCop suit (to wear it, it was necessary 11:00), directed by Paul Verhoeven considered the possibility to replace it with Henriksen. But because of the employment in another project, the actor had to abandon that proposal.

Total Recall (Total Recall)

"Total Recall" is one of the most famous long-term Hollywood. Work on the film adaptation of the story by Philip K. Dick began in 1974, the very same film was released only in 1990. For separating these two dates 16 years, the ribbon has changed a bunch of scenarios, the two directors (one of whom was David Cronenberg), including and leading actor.

Now it's hard to believe, but initially the main role in the film was supposed to perform Richard Dreyfuss. The fact that the filmmakers specially planned to make the main character Walter Kuyela (in the final film, the name was changed to Douglas Quaid) as possible unlike a typical action hero, and as much as possible like an ordinary person, hoping that his transformation into a fearless secret agent It would be very surprising for the viewer. And Dreyfus, like no other approaches to the role of unprepossessing accountant who suddenly found himself turns out to be embroiled in an interplanetary conspiracy.

But then the situation changed. The rights to the film have moved to another studio, creators of the team completely changed, and as a result we saw an entirely different Quaid - folding opponents neck, piercing a window and spoke with a firm emphasis.

Interestingly, the creators of the remake in some way tried to recreate the original ideas of the original, and took on the title role of Colin Farrell, which is not too associated by the public with a Hollywood blockbuster. But, as shown by reviews and box office, it did not help them much.

Blade Runner (Blade Runner)

Finding an actor for the role of Rick Deckard in the film adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick "Do Androids Dream of Electric" were very complicated.

After busting a number of options, the producers and director Ridley Scott chose the candidacy of Dustin Hoffman. He accepted their offer, and then for several months regularly met with the creators and discussed various aspects of the story and its characters.

Artist Mentor Huebner even used the image of an actor in some future film concepts. But then he changed his mind Hoffman, deciding that fiction & Run on the roofs with replicants, it is not his role. As a result, on the recommendation of Steven Spielberg as a replacement has been picked Harrison Ford, who really wanted to try myself in a serious film.

During the grueling filming Ford, however, has repeatedly regretted that his wish came true - but on the other hand, on the roofs, he probably still ran really better than Dustin Hoffman.

Dirty Harry (Dirty Harry)

The screenplay, which is now known as the "Dirty Harry" wandered for several years at different Hollywood studios - but no one wanted to do the film because of its controversial content.

Finally, a material interest in the studio Warner Bros., which bought the script with the expectation that Frank Sinatra starred. Especially for this was hired a new writer who three weeks reworked the script and locked him under the actor.

But then suddenly he manifested itself an old injury actor. Eight years earlier, on the set of "The Manchurian Candidate" Sinatra broke his wrist. So, during rehearsals, "Dirty Harry", Sinatra found himself unable to properly hold a huge corporate magnum and even more so shoot it.

Because of this, and soon followed his father's death, Sinatra dropped out of the project. Then, the role was offered to Steve McQueen and Paul Newman (both declined) and then got the script to Clint Eastwood for whom this role has become one of the most significant of his career. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine that anyone else could the same emotions and the same intonation to say corporate monologue Inspector Callahan:

"I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking «did he fire six shots or only five?» Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself a question: «Do I feel lucky?» Well, do ya, punk? ". < br />
I - a legend (I Am Legend)

"I - a legend" is another famous Hollywood protracted. The film was released in rent in 2007, by as much as 9 years later than originally planned. The original director of the film was Ridley Scott, and had a major role to fulfill Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film was completely finished script, sharpened by Arnie were made storyboards of scenes and done all the preparatory work. But then, at the last moment, the shooting was canceled.

Firstly, the project went beyond the provisions of the budget, and secondly, due to heart surgery, the producers concerned have become very wary of any project involving not such iron Arnie.

A pity. Oh, and if anyone was destined to be the last person in the world, it is better option than Schwarzenegger, just do not imagine.

Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Cop)

The initial choice of producer Jerry Bruckheimer on the role of Axel Foley otvyaznyh policeman was actor Mickey Rourke. But after he refused, the role was offered to Sylvester Stallone. Sly, without thinking twice agreed, and then engaged in what can better than to play he began to rewrite the script for yourself.

Stallone was about to cut the humor of the film, and make the very serious action movie with lots of action sequences. To some pores Bruckheimer suffered these changes, but then realized that this cooperation does not come out. As a result, they parted ways.

As a result, just two weeks before filming for the role Foley was approved by Eddie Murphy. As a result, the picture has become the highest grossing film of 1984 and finally cemented the status of Murphy star category A.

As for Stallone, he decided to withdraw his own film based on a script he converted. Thus was born the "Cobra", which came out two years after the "Beverly Hills Cop." The film, though repulsed budget, but received devastating reviews from critics, and not even close to enjoy the same popularity as the picture with Murphy.

Die Hard (Die Hard)

Few people today remember it, but the police initially John McClane in general should not be in the film by John McTiernan. As conceived by the producers, the main characters of the film was to be retired Colonel John Metriks of "Commando", a sequel to the film, respectively, thought the painting in 1985.

The fact that the film is based on a novel Roderick Thorp's "Nothing Lasts Forever", which tells the story of a retired police Liland Joe, who decided to visit his daughter working in a skyscraper. And in that day, skyscraper captures a gang of German terrorists. The producers found the story very suitable for the sequel "Commando", and bought the film rights to the novel.

Needless to say that if their idea to fruition, then the spirit of the painting had nothing to do with the final film - for John McClane has become such a popular character in many ways, because unlike the god-like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, he was like a normal person not shied away from self-irony.

Fortunately, Schwarzenegger did not want to star in the sequel to "Commando", and because the producers have decided to make an independent film based on the purchased material. Once the role has consistently rejected all the same Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Richard Gere and Harrison Ford pulled the lucky ticket Bruce Willis. After the film, Willis turned from comedy actor in a major action stars of his generation.

Pulp Fiction (Pulp Fiction)

One of the main characters in the film, Vincent Vega being prescribed Quentin Tarantino with the expectation of Michael Madsen.

Unfortunately for the actor, he was unable to participate in the shooting because of employment in another project. As a result, the role was John Travolta, whose film was literally a couple wand, stretched out his career from oblivion.

But Madsen, who in his own words more or less proud of just five paintings from his large filmography, still regrets that he was unable to play in "Pulp Fiction".

The moral of this story is simple - if you have a familiar cult director, who wrote the script for probably another cult film, it is sometimes better to pause and wait and not to act in all in a row in the pursuit of fast money.

Jango released (Django Unchained)

And in the case of this film, during the writing of the script by Quentin Tarantino represents a different actor in the lead role - namely, Will Smith.

But Smith found that the main character is not a script Django, and the bounty hunter King Schultz and demanded to rewrite the script to give his character more screen time and opportunity to kill the villain. Tarantino did not change under the actor's story, and Smith refused his offer. And the role of Django eventually played by Jamie Foxx.

Later, Will praised a picture by saying: "This is a brilliant film. He's just not for me. " As a result, instead of Django, Smith starred with his son in the family "After Earth". Probably, this film was just for him.

Dr. No (Dr. No)

When the producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli decided to do the adaptation of Ian Fleming's spy series, as a source of inspiration used the film "North by Northwest". It is not surprising that the role of James Bond both saw Cary Grant - even more so, that the actor was best man at the wedding of Broccoli.

However, Grant agreed to do only one film - and 60 years ago, Hollywood producers differed little from current and planned to make a long-playing franchise.

Therefore, albeit with regret, they had to abandon the services of Grant and start looking for someone younger. As a result, the honor to say "Bond, James Bond" had not yet got to Sir Sean Connery.

Sam Fleming, although initially was very dissatisfied with this choice, but after the release of "Dr. No", he softened his stance. However, the movie itself Fleming described as "appalling".

But on the other hand, he also called his novel "Casino Royale" "horribly dull opus." So his opinion on the first film, you can find even a compliment.


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