How to make a zombie

Zombie drama "The Walking Dead" is back in the third season. For those who play zombies, preparation for the role requires a thorough professional intervention. After all, skilled makeup artists transform nice young men in terrible dead creatures. Suggest you look like a zombie do, as an example of the actress Xan Angelovich.

1. This actress Xan Angelovič. She plays one of the dead in the series "The Walking Dead."

2. And this is Miss Angelovič before applying makeup.

3. Ksana "lucky" - she plays a "real zombie", ie her makeup is applied from the beginning. Many other zombies in the series makes it simple with masks or graphics.

4. Xan Angelovič during cooking to semkam.

5. One of the executive producers of the series, Greg Nicotero (left) helps make-up artist Andy Schoneberg wear at her wig.

6. Mr. Nicotero girl inserts contact linzy.

7. Now - slightly adjust zuby.

8. Mr. Nicotero shows how zombies should growl.

9. Camera! Action!



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