Warm Bodies

Two of the most cash teen saga ended (I'm on the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight"). True, the final part of "Twilight" will be even the second part, but if you look well, they have already died down. "Successor" of the Potter saga started recently may be called "The Hunger Games" (there is also a war, battles, and a little love). But the successor to the "Twilight" is still at the stage of shooting. We are talking about the movie "Warm Bodies", which also will be removed by lovingly-fiction bestseller. It would also be amazing, unreal love story. Just do not faint: love one another will be a beautiful and fragile girl ... zombies

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No, not everything is so terrible: glavgeroinya not fall in love with smelly, decaying zombie. Zombies in this film - even an interesting topic. In the novel by Isaac Marion (who, incidentally, is not a professional writer, but an ordinary blogger, and the novel - it is his "pen test"), zombies - is affected by a virus people, whose bodies are actually dead, but some force causes them briskly run, judgments and experience hunger. Pichalka: Marion in the novel, as in the canons of zombie movie, living corpses feed on human flesh. Glavgeroya meeting on behalf of which there was only one letter P with glavgeroiney - while still alive a girl named Julie comes in an interesting way: he eats her boyfriend, but Julie itself can not kill, because in his heart (suddenly!) - love waking up ...

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Scenario description can punch on haha, but those who read the book (I have not read) argue that "Warm Bodies" is a very good instance of romantic horror-story. Now about the movie itself. Marion works for filming took director Jonathan Levine. The main roles - Julie and zombie named R perform Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult. This is not the top, but rather already known young actors. Palmer starred in "I-fourth" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," Holt - a "sucker" and "Men X-Men. First class ».

John Malkovich will play General, the father of the heroine Julie

Model Analeigh Tipton play Nora, her friend Julie

The fact that I was discouraged - by KinoPoisk tagline of the film listed as "Twilight" met with "Shaun of the Dead." If this is indeed the official slogan, here strongly smacks of parody. But before the movie has a lot of time (world premiere February 1, 2013) - may yet change. In general, if you survive the end of the world, then go to the movies on the zombie love story)))


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