11 matured stars

In the New Year, we tend to look the same films. They give us a smile, good humor and wonderful memories. Although it seems that the characters are still young and funny in real life, they have long grown up. I propose to look at the 11 matured stars Christmas movies.

Macaulay Culkin. "Home Alone»

I'll start with the movie "Home Alone", which we, along with others, used to look at the New Year's holidays. Macaulay Culkin in the movie played very ingenious and charming boy. The role in the film of his fame, but fame played a trick on him. Despite the fact that at a young age Culkin was nominated for the "Golden Globe", becoming older, he has received a nomination for the "Golden Raspberry". His role was played by the awkward age, as a result of Macaulay had got addicted to drugs and gradually began to destroy his career. Now Culkin seems to be healthy, he is the leader of the group The Pizza Underground and from time to time appears in the pages of the tabloids.

Kieran Culkin. "Home Alone»

Macaulay Culkin's brother shot him in the comedy "Home Alone" as a brother of the protagonist. In ottlichii by Macaulay, Cyrus's acting career is going well. He claimed on the stage and in the movies can be seen in the film "Father of the Bride," "Giant," "Igby Goes Down" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World».

Michael S. Maroni. "Home Alone»

Acting career of Michael S. Maroni is not very developed. True, he has been involved in children in the show for children "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" on the channel Nickelodeon, but now Michael is working in the film industry is not as an actor but as a ... electrician. For example, he worked in that capacity in the films "Men in Black 3" and "The Smurfs 3D».

Devin Retrey. "Home Alone»

Devin Retrey from a family of actors, he began acting with 9 years and continues to this day. In Devin remarkable appearance, so long as he can not indulge in the title role, but also on secondary Devin looks good. Retreya can be seen in the series "Supernatural" and "suspect", as well as the blockbuster "Ghost Patrol" and the drama "Nebraska».

Thomas Brodie Sangster. "Love Actually»

"Love Actually" was the first feature film in the career of a young actor, and he played it perfectly. Thomas is quite in demand in England and Hollywood. For example, he voices Ferb Fletcher in the animated series "Phineas and Ferb", in addition it can be seen today in the popular TV series "Game of Thrones." Thomas often plays in cinema (I even saw him as the young Hitler), and plays bass guitar in a band Winnet.

Olivia Olson. "Love Actually»

For Olivia, "Love Actually" was so far the only feature-length project. She is also busy voicing cartoon "Phineas and Ferb", yet its main activities - the music. This year, Olivia released her first solo music album, which was named «Beauty Is Chaos».

Brett Kelly. "Bad Santa»

Brett Kelly is still acted in television series and a variety of films. Of the latter - the comedy "Cool muffins." He is currently studying at the University of British Columbia. Kelly admitted that he gladly returns to a familiar role in the sequel to "Bad Santa».

Nicholas Hoult. "My boy»

Melodrama "My Boy" with Hugh Grant in the lead role was very popular at the time. By the way, if you were not looking - I advise. A career Nicholas goes uphill, contributes not only to the talent of the actor, but also its appearance. This year saw a picture with his participation "Warm Bodies", which brought the actor prize Teen Choice Award in the category "Best breakthrough in the movie." The next year it can be seen on screens in four movies, the most notable of which will be the blockbuster "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Holt also managed to pull in several television series, music videos and gave his voice a video game character Fable III.

Taylor Momsen. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas»

Taylor Momsen from 2007 to 2012, Momsen starred in the TV series Gossip Girl («Gossip Girl"). But the career of actress girl does not appeal. She prefers music. The next year the market will be released second album of her band The Pretty Reckless.

Johnny Galetsky. "Christmas Vacation»

Johnny Galetsky all very well made up on television. Currently Galetsky plays the role of Leonard Hofstedera in the series "The Big Bang Theory), which earned him a nomination for the" Emmy "and" Golden Globe ».

Juliette Lewis. "Christmas Vacation»

"Christmas Vacation" - one of the first film in the career of Lewis. Just two years later she was nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for best supporting actress in the film "Cape Fear." Over the years, the actress gave the audience a lot of memorable images. For example, I really like the film of Rodriguez 'From Dusk Till Dawn. " In 2013, she starred in the critically acclaimed film warmly greeted «August».


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