Ten of the most amazing cameras

Not long ago I told how produced legendary cameras Leica. Today we will focus on the entire top ten amazing camera ...
10 ph via bigpicture

1) This hefty unit was assigned a great responsibility: along with the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon, NASA sent the improved models Hasselblad 500EL. However, the intricate thick Carl Zeiss lenses have confirmed that there is no one there. The solid boredom. (John Herrman)

2) But NASA did not give up and developed new ingenious little device, in comparison with which the equipment 1960 - prehistoric relics. This elegant camera is in the style of the 20's called MARDI (Mars Descent Imager), and in 2007 and 2008 such equipment was sent to Mars with the "Phoenix". But despite the long journey, which overcame device earthlings they said nothing. (John Herrman)

3) In contrast to these squat machines. Developed at the University of Arizona's Surface Stereo Imager, stereoprojector surface was installed on the "Phoenix" and captures all the familiar forms of the red planet. (John Herrman)

4) But if you really decided to make a couple of pictures of incredible quality, similar to the alien monsters, it is not necessary to send a camera into space: think deeper - yes, deeper. ORCA underwater surveillance system designed to photograph the luminous depths of the sea dwellers living at a depth of less than a kilometer. (John Herrman)

5) Ultima APX camera designed specifically for filming crash tests and some of them make up 10000kadrov per second. These devices are used for other entertainment and / or terrible goals. (John Herrman)

6) To make the largest not digitally enhanced or photo, you need a truly giant instrument. This device pinhole photos for huge - the size of a hangar for aircraft. (John Herrman)

7) A few years ago it took Google's device for a large-scale photo project: it was necessary to take a picture ... literally everything. This is the famous "street view" on the satellite map, which gives us so much fun minutes. With the help of a bulb-like devices, so-called camera Immersive Media, fixed on a man's head, it is possible to capture what is happening around, 360 degrees. (John Herrman)

8) Have you ever seen the inside of a red-hot looks to 4250 degrees smelter? No? Camera Lenox Firesight Pultz on water cooling will tell you the whole truth about hellfire. (John Herrman)

9) Speaking of heat: photos of stars. Of course, in the distant light cameras will not thrust, but with the device Pan-STARRS PS1 through a huge telescope can obtain images of all heavenly 1.6 gigapixel. (John Herrman)

10) On the exact opposite works endoscopic camera Sayaka. It can be put inside any living creature (man included) and make some disgusting pictures of 25-30 frames per second, with the same resolution as in the iPhone 3G. (John Herrman)



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