Experiment: Did fool speed cameras

Experiment: Have you managed to fool the camera speed using the stickers and the response frame with flash
A year ago, when the speed camera is only earned in Belarus. Lens and infrared frame more suited to deceive naive clients and appeared empty. But since fined thousands of drivers - the demand for artful sprays stickers and repeatedly increased. The proposal immediately responded. Sellers, touting all sorts of "gadgets", say: the effect of one hundred percent, he checked! This time we took popular now, reflective stickers and a response frame with the flash. Someone on the last device reliability even entered the dispute to a large sum.

Again, we are not going to test the apparent illegal ways. The commentary traffic police in this regard says: "devices must not obstruct or distort the image is available on a sign symbol of the Republic of Belarus, numbers, letters, or edging." And labels, and frame covered by this definition. But from a distance of 40 meters can be seen. How about checking the radar?

Ask nanonomera there?

Labels are now aggressive offer on the Internet. At $ 50 for a set of four digits. Sellers are assured: it is a proven way to avoid a speeding ticket. The categorical arguments like "I myself is exceeded, and no" chain letters "do not come" can be believed. However, there is one feature: they broadly describe the principle of using the word "exclusive", "special", "nanofilm" but would not reveal the "secret of the company».

This is how we, for example, we see that one of the social networks sellers from Moscow, "uses a special film is black. From this cut in the form of numbers (in strict accordance with GOST) stickers. All the characters that sealed film on photographic images are not visible. The exception - a bright sunny day ».

On the question of where is the guarantee we literally said, "You can check it out right when you buy. It can not operate. It is only necessary that the room was clean. We have studied all the technical documentation for our stationary radars, STB and other normativku. Moreover, tests conducted pile. It makes no sense to be substituted for a penny profit! »

In confirmation of these words is sent a few pictures of the Belarusian numbers. However, the feeling that with the photographs banal job in a graphics editor.


To pretend that we are interested in the proposal. We ask how to buy stickers in Minsk. We indicate the phone number. The last recommendation: if you call to ask ... nanonomera. Yeah, now popular in the Russian high-tech theme mercilessly exploited even in a particular topic.

Upon receipt of the goods immediately, of course, a question for which we paid $ 50? On the surface this is a common label with some slight glare coating. How can she make a number of absolutely invisible to cameras? The idea is to merge the sticker with a white background numbers, which, we note, is retroreflective sheeting.

Already on national testing ground for mobile machines sticking the label on the number "4". It should be noted, we are not deceived - the dimensions are exactly the same, repeating the demands of the guests for the license plates. However, close noticeable that the "quartet" is slightly different from the original invoice.

Now test shot with the flash, which in theory is calculated coverage. So what's the result? "The number is visible, but also noticeable that it carried out certain manipulations. Like washing podterli "- snorts our photojournalist.

This, by the way, nothing says. Perhaps for the speed cameras are installed on our roads (they always give flash), just numbers become invisible. Photo and video system automatically recognizes license plates and is based in the desired car. The operator is only a snapshot and compare data about the car. If the photo is suspicious, it falls into a special folder, which is checked by two operators. The so-called four eyes principle.

Briefly occupied the installation of speed cameras. Stationary sensors are usually placed on a pole or on a footrest. Process takes about an hour and is performed strictly at the specified parameters. In our case, it was necessary to do it by eye. After several rounds camera is set up and starts to work. Flash!

After a few seconds on the laptop screen image appears rear vehicle number. The figure seemed to really become invisible! But only in part, and it is easy to determine the contours of that is four. In fact, the number is still readable, and it is recognized by all participants in the experiment. Nothing to do with the photos that we were kindly provided by the seller.

- It should be noted that this is "cut", business image - told staff CJSC "Safe Roads of Belarus", carried out the test with us. - The operator has the opportunity to get a higher quality picture and examine it in detail. Our experienced staff will go to notice that an ordinary person would not notice. For example, when some drivers are converted six of the top eight. Information about changes in any way available immediately sent to the traffic police. After that, the car owner to call and attract rooms for hiding. Moreover, such machines fall into our blacklist. It turns out, we wanted to become invisible, and have even more to attract attention.

And here is a picture of the machine with stickers in the real world. The photo was taken on Partizansky Avenue in Minsk Russian camera. This is the answer to those who assures that "I myself is exceeded, and no" chain letters "did not come».


- DPS officers who patrol the streets now instructed about such changes rooms, - said the head of the press service of the Minsk traffic police Tatiana Harlinskaya. - All methods and ways of hiding numbers are well known. Even if a car was not stopped immediately, it does not mean that the owner is not held responsible. In some situations, patrol record license plates and then call the owner to the traffic police. Recall, for concealing the numbers for the first time provides for liability from 10 to 20 basic units (now of 1 million 300 thousand. Up to 2 million 600 thousand. Rubles).

Frame Flash

The idea with a special frame, which is to light the picture looks much more interesting, and here was really intriguing. In America, this device is worth no less than $ 350. Its operating principle is quite simple: the camera flash capturing the speed, the frame gives her, response, and illuminates the image.
When the frame fell into our hands, immediately drew note that it is made casually turned rough edges, messy derived wire "plugged" with silicone. However, all this stuff. Its thickness suggests that inside there is a kind of chip. Outside derived cell that is designed to catch the flash. On either side are two powerful lamps. They should give a flash, the reflection from the room.



First, we decided to test this device in statics. Connect the wires to the car battery and began photographing frame with less than one meter. It seemed ideal conditions, but the response was no flash. Then we tried to cause the expected reaction, bringing their flash from different angles. It is useless! Even doubted that the general frame capacity and that it is not a fake.

But read the recommendations in the Internet, we decided to photograph from a greater distance. Happened! Mating the flash when photographing departed on 5-10 meters. To understand the principle of operation was quite difficult: outbreak response appeared only in 30% of cases.

The device raises many questions: whether the cell and react to an outbreak of speed cameras in general? Is there any chance of false positives - for example, from the main beam or the bright sun? How fast is the response flash? And it will allow power to light a room or just make it easier for the camera, highlight it better? The answer to these questions was to landfill.

So, we tested two frames: one square, the US, and the second - a self-made, adapted to the Belarusian issue. She developed the guys who brought the first device from the US. Between themselves, they argued for a large sum, one claimed that the figures are distinguishable, another developer directly to the contrary.

Traditionally, first do a check shot camera with flash. Both machines react the same way, giving its outbreak. Skeptics look at each other uncertainly between them. Wranglers nervously clenched their fists.


Then try to cause flash-beam assistant - frame did not react.

The decisive stage. Machinery, let's go! Immediately, we note that the outbreak in both frames fire in 100% of cases, as promised in the presentation video producer. That is essentially the scheme worked.



But what is the result? A few seconds of anxious waiting until being processed ... Done! Figures on the number of clearly distinguishable on both cars. For example, here's Renault Scenic American frame number and Massachusetts.

This Mazda2 Belarusian homemade frame.

Re-check gives the same result. Developer disappointed sighs and shakes hands with the second debater, "What can you do ... But bad publicity - is the best advertising!»

Meanwhile, experts explain: "The camera provides two outbreaks with a minimum difference. The human eye can not see it, and it seems that it is an outbreak. But it is not. One picture is done in order to fix the number itself, and the second - to capture the car. The processing center processes the data and sends them to the traffic police, where an inspector in the automated system performs the final processing of the information. Only then is sent to a so-called "letter of happiness" ».

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According to employees of CJSC "Safe Roads of Belarus", now often in the camera lens speed fall vehicles with obvious changes in the rooms. These cases are dealt with separately, and there are always several ways to calculate the schemers. Once we post pictures of the car, one digit number which was partially sealed with tape. Typically, such machines is calculated by base numbers. Suffice it to enumerate only some 10 variants. In addition, the drivers do not take into account that there are several cameras that take pictures of the front namely, not back number. So, during the test framework is photographed front room.



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