4 minutes zombie romance

On Youtube, a new interesting movie. If you believe the annotation is the first four minutes of the future blockbuster Warm Bodies, a genre which has already been referred to not as a "drama" and as a "comedy." The fact that this film can laugh, it was clear even from the trailer. However, the romance in the film will also be done.
In these first four minutes of the movie unfolds his whole backstory. Isaac Marion, the book is taken "Warm Bodies", was not the original - the world is struck by an unknown virus, and most people have turned into zombies. This is shown in the video in the form of memories glavgeroya that its slow zombie walk hobbling down the hall airport, full of the same zombie.

All this is happening under the jauntily music that drives another nail in the coffin of a serious perception of the film. First nail - is, of course, the image of the main character, a guy named R (rest of the letters of his name he had forgotten to turn into zombies). Sinyushnenky, with bulging eyes, he looks more like not a zombie, and ukurysha who returns home from another party. We immediately see Nicholas Hoult does not claim the title of another chthonic handsome, a la Edward Cullen. Actually, judging by the trailer, and this roller picture will thrash. But trash now in vogue, so, I think, a box office success "Warm Bodies" is provided.


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