Katie Holmes failed to Bordvee

2012 turned out to Katie Holmes is definitely difficult - as we all know, she divorced Tom Cruise. After the hype surrounding the event has died down, PR Cathy began to actively promote the "theme" of Cathy - the star of Broadway, as a great movie the former Mrs. Cruz had not called. If you read carefully chronicles the paparazzi, you probably remember that Kathy took the lead role in a production of "Dead Accounts".

The premiere of the show were sold out and received good reviews from critics. But in the theater world is not uncommon cases where critics praised the show, and people spit. So what happened to the "dead accounts" Katie Holmes. Whether its game was false, or messy scenario (a family comedy about a return of the "prodigal son"), but after the premiere audience interest in this show has been frozen. Production was extremely unprofitable, and it decided to withdraw from the Broadway program two months earlier than planned. "Dead Accounts" fell short of financial expectations of its founders by less than 25% - writes the New York Times.

In "Dead Accounts" Katie plays a sex kitten and a housewife, perhaps because of this performance "did not go"

Dead account & quot; They lie dormant - prohohmil one of the reviewers of publication. - Katie Holmes was trying to cause a hurricane of emotions, but get zilch


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