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"Break-Up" - parting Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Whether it was wrong that Scientology, which destroys the family. Perhaps this movement in something and helps to Tom Cruise, but not to build normal relations with women. The Church of Scientology Tom invited his first wife, Mimi Rogers, with whom he broke up after three years of relations, then at the Cruise began a whirlwind romance with Nicole Kidman, whom he was rumored, left at the third month of pregnancy, and in 2012 the boomerang back and We have thrown it. It makes it perturbed behavior of the wife Katie Holmes, who does not want that her daughter Suri become "zombie-Scientologist." Now the actress is trying to return to a normal life baby, so she talked with peers and stopped thinking that she is the daughter of the stars, everything is permitted.

"The originality of the Chanel» - a bag hulahupa

At first glance, a very strange thing, but if you look closely, as did Karl Lagerfeld, it is obvious that it is not so strange, how convenient. Here is what the maestro of this handbag:

"This bag is designed for the beach. You also need to free space for beach towels, is not it? In addition, you can use it as a hanger for wet or dry clothes »

"Bestseller of the Year" - "50 shades of gray" by EL James

Blasting mix of "Twilight" and BDSM filmed soon, but if you do not want to wait for this moment, read a book, gentlemen. It is said that in this novel are mixed so much that he and shocking, and attracting and scandalous, and incredibly controversial at the same time.

"Quiet happiness" - an unexpected wedding Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Everyone knew that they meet, but no one knew that the case goes to the wedding. Blake and Ryan exchanged vows in September this year at a secret ceremony in South Carolina.

"Nice return" - Katie Holmes in an advertisement Bobby Brown

A giant in the world of beauty - cosmetics company «Bobbi Brown» - know whom to call to promote their new tools. Song independent beauty sang divorced Katie Holmes for any project which is now in the theater, in film, in advertising - is invaluable. His feelings on the new job Cathy shared in an interview:

"This is my first experience with the cosmetics company, but I'm sure he did not pass in vain. Make-up - it is what keeps a woman in any situation, just as beautiful clothes, so I think I'm doing the right thing by promoting what is necessary for each of us »

"The Naked Prince" - scandalous photos from Las Vegas Prince Harry

"You disgrace the royal family!" - Shouted after this guy, but no one thought that even the most blue-blooded need to rest. Harry chose a vacation, another William, Queen Elizabeth II have their own ways to relax. What's wrong, I did not understand, but with such friends like Harry's enemies do not need (why on earth fold in the network is so candid photos of Prince?).

"Baby Boom" - Star Kids 2012

Beyonce set a good trend in the birth of children, giving life to his first-born - the daughter Blue Ivy. Shortly after the birth of her children were Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, Adel and many other celebrities.

"Irreconcilable differences" - Heidi Klum has passed the love and strength of

"Irreconcilable differences" - that such wording often divorced star, and not only the star, couple. Heidi Klum and strength of all happened a hair's breadth, as the majority. Despite the fact that they were together for 8 years and have four children. Update vows every year they also did not help.

"The first man's face Chanel № 5" - Brad Pitt in an advertisement legendary fragrance

At the time, Chanel № 5 touted Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Tautou and Nicole Kidman (as you can see all the women), but the brand has decided to change direction and to add a trembling knees potential buyers. The new face of the perfume has become a magnificent Brad, who courageously says:

"My luck. My fate. My happiness. Chanel № 5. The inevitability »

"Princess topless" - naughty photos of Kate Middleton

In France, where the rest of Kate and her husband was warm and sunny, the princess decided: "It was not! Single I sunbathe topless ... ', but the paparazzi will inevitably come, come, swim and even fly to where they did not expect. Pictures taken by photographers, it was forbidden to publish in all the British media.

"The most expensive in the history of Bond" - incredible box office success "007: Coordinates Skayfoll»

Painting with Daniel Craig in the title role, published this year, it has become the most commercially successful Bond film ever, earning $ 672 million. Worldwide.

"Comet" Kardashian "" - clothes sisters, snapping in a few days

A new collection of Kim, Kourtney and Chloe become the most popular in the history of their "dizaynerstva." Girls are known only to those that go to parties? No, they can now present to you the report of the purchases in their stores.

"The Olympic and Paralympic Games in London" - spectacular show every four years

Sports this summer was as relevant as ever. Many several hours a day, watched beach volleyball, tennis and athletics.

"Love Like a Dream" - Engagement Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

We waited and waited and finally we waited for the moment when the love triangle Jen, Angie and Brad collapsed. Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston made a proposal and she agreed to marry him in the next year. If you believe the rumors, then invited to the wedding, and Pitt and Jolie.

"As the ship be called ..." - flowery name of the daughter Uma Thurman

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalun Florence Thurman-Busson named her third child 42-year-old actress.

"Angelina Jolie's Leg" - a strange posture for the "Oscar»

Details here.

"Monsters, flown!" - Lady Gaga's debut perfume

Aroma «Fame» («Glory") became the best selling in history after «Chanel №5», broke up 6 million copies in one week! Record and good cash Gaga already have in your pocket.

"Farewell, beautiful voice!" - The death of Whitney Houston

The day before the ceremony «Grammy Awards» in their hotel room was found dead star on the world stage 48-year-old Whitney Houston. He died as a result of drowning in the bath after taking a cocktail of drugs and painkillers.

"Mad Hatter" - a new collection of Philip Treacy at the London Fashion Week


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