Results of 2011

Australian magazine Who Magazine has divided all the outgoing 2011 in the world of celebrities on the "best" and "worst" by releasing a special December issue. In the new issue of the journal editors to highlight the most interesting and scandalous events of the year, many of which have repeatedly been told on our site. Who Magazine also highlighted the most distinguished celebrities this year, which as we pleased, and discouraged their silly antics. The list must be fair and say many positions I agree to 100. So, look at all the best and, accordingly, the worst events of 2011, which is about to end.

Best of 2011:

The wedding of the year - Prince William and Kate Middleton

History repeated itself in the life of Cinderella and the Prince took to wife a girl from "ordinary workers". Of course, for this wedding is the whole world. Someone in the air, and someone in the record.

The heroine of the year - Kim Kardashian

This year, Kim managed to not only married, but divorced after 72 days after saying the pledge of allegiance. Largely because of this it has become the main protagonist of the year and most frequently cited in the media persona.

Comedy (film) year - "Bridesmaids┬╗

The cast of the year - Daniel Radcliffe, Emma and Rupert Grint Uoston

History wizard named Harry Potter is over, but that the cast will remain the "gold" for the ages.

Discovery of the Year (in the film world) - Emma Stone

The potential of this young actress in this year can be estimated by looking movies "This - stupid - Love", "The Help" and "Friends with Benefits" (the latter Emma cameo, but even in such a situation, it is highlighted).

Discovery of the Year (in music) - Adele

Army of fans of this singer is growing as fast as its popularity. This year, the album Adele "19" became the best selling in the world.

Woman of the Year - Blake Lively

Romance with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Reyndolsom played his job and became a woman smiling Blake year. To reach the tops of various charts (for example, such as this one) Blake manages as well as conquer the hearts.

Man of the Year - Ryan Gosling

Chosen actress Eva Menedes and excellent actor was voted man of the year, not only for his talent, but also for the powerful masculine charm.

Couple of the year - Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

After the break with Brad Pitt, which occurred many years ago, Jennifer finally found its second happiness - actor Justin Theroux. This stylish pair was the best this year and they say that Aniston has big plans for this man. Family and children - this is their priority.

Honorary dad of the year - Hugh Jackman

Actor doted in his two foster children and his wife, his senior by 13 years. It is for a love that defies stable canons, Hugh Jackman admitted honorary dad.

Fashion-mom of the year - Victoria Beckham

Despite the fact that Victoria gave birth to a baby Harper recently, she never ceases to take care of their appearance for a minute. Stylish and beautiful mommy earned the title of the most fashionable homemakers this year.

Mom of the year - Miranda Kerr

Beauty model does not depart from its charming Pups Flynn despite busy schedule. Wherever she was going to always and everywhere with her Flynn, so for the enormous care and love for the child Miranda was named mother of the year.

Daddy year - Orlando Bloom

Does not lag behind his lover and actor Orlando Bloom, who also often seen with his son. Photos from their walks together full of tenderness and love.

Multidiva year - Jennifer Lopez

Divorced, but not for a long time mourned. Now Jennifer, who acted in films and music career continues to occur with the 24-year-old youngster and is planning a lot for next year

The worst in 2011:

Kinopoterya year - the death of Elizabeth Taylor

The legendary "Queen of Hollywood" has died at age 79 from a long illness.

The musical year loss - the death of Amy Winehouse

Gifted singer died before they even up to the 30th anniversary. She was 27.

Verdict year - Michael Jackson was killed by his doctor

The doctor Conrad Murray killed his patient entered an invalid dose of prescribed medication.

Death Year Live - Saddam Hussein

Death of the year, which is hard to believe - Osama bin Laden

Skandalistka years - Lindsay Lohan

Brawler year - Charlie Sheen

Fashion-year failure - hat Princess Beatrice

Multifeshn-year failure - Closet Lady Gaga


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