Christine Pimenov

Little Christina Pimenova only 6 years old (will be 27 December), and yet it is one of the most sought after, popular and beautiful Russian models. And not without reason. In baby blue - gray eyes, long brown hair and extraordinary beauty ... Christina is famous not only in Russia! We have fans baby, for example, in England. Millions fan - video, the official UK fan site -, as well as the thousands of fan - artifacts.

Consider a girl closer:
Maldives, 2011:

I think in 10 years, it will be "pohlesche" Tila any Blondeau and Mackenzie Foy ..;)
Photo by Nicole Demeshik (recent photo shoot) 90,792,042

Girl looks considerably older than 6 years old baby ... more images:

KSAT, Christina took part several times in such high-profile shows like Monnalisa and CPM!
A few photos from the shows:

Kristine 2, 5 years. Evil tongues say that Christina without makeup and photoshop - the usual ugly girl, but it's not.

Also, Cristina has been thin. gymnastics. And also very well :)

Finally, several fan - video:


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