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January 1

Spending time on the east coast Christina did not miss the opportunity to reduce his young son Max in a restaurant «The Barn» in New Jersey. To do this, exit Christina chose easy rock-style: black leather jackets, plaid shirt, hat, leggings and black boots. How would the recent Chris nor recovered, I sympathize with many of its images, such as this. Dress she learned more during the tour B2B, but the taste is still a little lost. This image is very comfortable and one of the best in the last three months of 2012.

January 2

Christina with her son and her boyfriend came to New York City hotel. But this way I totally welcome. Very peculiar, it seems Chris forgot to wear a skirt. Oh, these black leggings (there are suspicions that Aguilera wears them, sincerely believing that they make it slimmer) ...

January 12

Exactly 4 years ago happy and in love with Jordan Bratman Christina gave birth to son Max and 12 January «Legoland» Chris and Max celebrate his birthday. Celebratory Christina chose a casual walk-bow: leggings, elongated cardigan, shirt, hat, sunglasses, and ballet flats. All this is arranged quite well and Chris looks great, but a little sloppy because of the wild hair. If it were not for all the hairstyle would be perfect for a walk with her son. PS: very cap her go.

January 12

San Diego, California. Afternoon walk with his son and took him to his father Christina went to her favorite Matthew Rutler. In the evening, the pair posed for the paparazzi about «Hard Rock Hotel» Aguilera and looked simply stunning. The fatal lady in black, well Rattler made of different stuff and tuxedos him almost unfamiliar. But if there is a wedding, we'll see him in an elegant suit.

January 29

Christina and Matt in Santa Monica. Stout she certainly specifically and hides it as he can. She was not lucky twice, because spoil the figure looks even more depressingly, coupled with a miniature growth (1.56 m). Loose clothing is not always equal to the stylish clothes, so I do not like onions.

January 29

World Tour «Cirque du Soleil» Christine, Max and his future stepfather Matt could not miss and went on a winter evening performance. Photo can not be said that the street winter, but it is. Chris again in leggings that I absolutely do not like, but everything else is great! Mike, that cardigan that ballet flats that hat.

February 3

Chris goes to a friends house. Jacket in military style, leopard ballet flats, a large black bag and all the same leggings were worn by the star that day.

March 30

After a long break Christina lit up with his beloved man on the game Lakers. Looks thin and prettier. I like it a bow, all elementary, but very, very good. Dress in black and white stripes, black leather jacket and shoes with spikes in perfect harmony with each other, which I really liked. Chris, keep it up!

March 30

Christina Aguilera on shopping in Los Angeles. Well, no, because the really thin! Soon the new album, and this means that the new tour is not far off. Forward to returning diva and I admire her bow, which in my opinion too much - it just points.

April 3

Christina and Matt sent to the restaurant «The Little Door» in Los Angeles. I got excited a little bit about the fact that Chris is direct so much thinner (uniquely to praise too biased approached), but it is evident that comes in the form and God forbid if it's slimming underwear ... For this release, Chris chose to dress again, though this time she maximum hugs her figure. Dress pretty and feminine figure Aguilera she looks great, though a little bit in the chest area. Looks well maintained and it is excellent, let alone the topic about her figure and so I close slishkommnogobukff.


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