Learn the truth: Google reads Your correspondence. This was confirmed by the Moscow city court

In January 2015, the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Anton Burkov has filed a lawsuit in the Zamoskvoretsky district court, demanding to recover from Google fifty thousand roubles, and to stop reading his emails. The plaintiff claimed that the search engine violates the secrecy of correspondence, scans it, analyzes the interests and shows them on the basis of contextual advertising. Zamoskvoretsky the court rejected the claim, but in September the Moscow city court satisfied the requirements Burkova and fined the Russian office of Google for the amount. The Moscow city court explained its decision.

Five million four hundred forty four thousand twenty three

In 2013, the head of the chair of European Humanitarian law Institute in Ekaterinburg Anton Burkov discussed on the Gmail trip to Strasbourg, after which the detected advertising hotels and services on the visa. Burkov suggested that Google found out about his plans from the correspondence and went to court. The lawyers of OOO "Google" told me that the Russian office of Google has no email service, and deals only with the placement of your ads, therefore, the claim must be submitted to Google Inc. stateside.

The court disagreed with the arguments of counsel. The Russian Constitution guarantees privacy of correspondence, to which encroached OOO "Google", using the results of reading mail. The court acknowledged that the company "Google" is not managing AdWords in the judge's opinion, the company is at your own risk violating the Constitution uses the software: "it carries independent risks, knowing that the used the software violates the constitutional rights of citizens to secrecy of private correspondence".

The terms of the privacy policy of the court considered evidence of the illegal actions Google: "Our automated systems analyze your content including emails to provide functions that are useful to you. It can be selected for you search results, relevant ads..."Another evidence was the screenshot provided by Surkovym — advertising slogans in the Russian language was text-based emails in Gmail. The court decided: "the defendant, by advertising in the message of the plaintiff, was guided by the results of the monitoring of electronic communications of the plaintiff, thereby violating the privacy of correspondence."

Lawyer at Chadbourne & Parke LLP Kyle Davis notes that most international companies in Russia the same structure as "Google". This court decision may cause corporations to reconsider a framework for working in Russia — to make subsidiaries are not responsible for the actions of their parent companies and Vice versa.

The user agreement Google mentions the company's intention to analyze letters, but few who read it. For the court is not an argument, said the Deputy Director of "Yakovlev & partners" Anastasiya Ragulina. The confidentiality of correspondence in any case is broken, let the reading of the letter by the robot and not human.

Head of the international legal practice of the Collegium of advocates "Chaadaev Kheifets and partners" Anastasia Astashkevich believes that Google will not be easy to appeal the court's decision, and that the Corporation is not profitable to draw attention to the fact that it protects the right to violate the privacy of correspondence. Head of group intellectual property law firm "YUST", and Denis Shumskiy I am sure that Google will continue to fight, or until I get a satisfactory solution, this will be possible.

A Google spokesperson Alla Zabrovskaya told "Kommersant" that the decision of Moscow city court lawyers are studying the company.  published 


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