What is your blood group — this is the character

In Japan there is a science Ketsu EKI Gata, which literally permeated the entire life of this society. Blood types define temperament traits of the person, his compatibility with others and ability to work. Blood for the Japanese have roughly the same value as the signs of the Zodiac in the Western world.

Indeed, the question of group shelter here, and POPs up in interviews on the eve of the employment, and on romantic dates. Japanese companies selected for people with different blood, different food, different soft drinks, calendars and different types of chewing gum!

Twenty nine million three hundred sixty three thousand five hundred twenty six

This Japanese obsession began in 1972, when a psychology Professor Furukawa Takeji found that the blood group affects the character of its students. From his observations he concluded that the owners of the second group — the most intelligent, and the third is the most stubborn and persistent.

These experiments have become very popular. And for good reason: scientists in different countries confirm that this biological factor has a huge impact on our personality, our character, our compatibility and our future.

Let's look at some facts about how blood type determines our character.


Group I. Hunter.

  • People with first blood type are outgoing, expressive and passionate. They can easily motivate a group of people, so they make excellent leaders and managers. Usually people crave contact with them, proud of his presence near them. Those of the first group of blood is also self-confident, friendly, generous and willing to help others.
  • As people with first blood I love to win, best suited career businessman or athlete. The main thing for them — at work, not bored and have someone to compete. About such people often say they are self-centered, stubborn and not admit their mistakes. Well, it's almost always true. Like that they have a creative mind and love to be the center of attention.
  • These people value independence and flexibility. They have an idealistic view of the world, they love the competition and the opportunity to again and again to prove his innocence. Sometimes those of the first group of blood are ignorant, jealous, selfish and changeable.
Group II. Farmer.

  • It is believed that people with the second blood type are calm, serious, and emotionally stable. They like others because almost never hysterics. They usually have a strong character, which is reliable and stubbornness. And shyness and perfectionism. In addition, they are the people who tend to lie. However, they are usually loyal to their friends and colleagues.
  • People with the second blood know how to keep secrets, but often do not know how to Express their feelings against other people. They are constantly trying to suppress their emotions because they are afraid to appear weak. Inside they are quite fragile and often get nervous. However, as a rule, in their environment more strong people than weak.
  • Holders of the second group of blood are more likely to be alcoholics and have artistic nature. If they ever got to do the heights, then quickly begin to suffer from pride and stubbornness.
Group III. Nomad.

  • People with third blood group, generally of curiosity and concern. They protect not only their own interests but also the interests of others. Regardless of someone about their heroism or not.
  • They are easily excited, and quickly "light up", but just as quickly lose interest in new ventures. They have trouble defining their priorities. And it happens that they are so passionate about the process that literally forget that there are other people. They have a strong character and independent spirit.
  • Outwardly, they look people are happy, full of energy and enthusiasm. But inside their mood can be completely different. It they don't mean: just don't want to burden anybody with his problems. And they really think more often about others than about himself. And still is, passionate. For them every detail is important and every fate.
  • They usually have the enthusiasm and thirst for independence. But there are sensitive and unpredictable. Are superficial, unreliable, selfish, and impatient.
Group IV. Riddle.

  • The owners of the fourth group of blood is unpredictable, I can't stand the boredom and monotony, and if we start something, with all my heart and soul. Their distinctive feature is the ability to earn money! They do see opportunities where others cannot see.
  • Often these people suffer from a split personality. And with some people they can behave with others — otherwise. Objectivity is not about them. They are prone to sentimentality, often deeply and for long periods of time thinking about abstract things. As a rule, they have a lot of friends, but these people need time alone with my thoughts. Collective responsibility they carry is usually not ready, but the personal is always welcome. So such people usually get the Executive staff or bosses, prone to tyranny.
  • In General, these people are effective, responsive, attentive, cautious, strict, temperamental, touchy and judgmental of others.

In conclusion, we can say that blood is the main thing that unites us and at the same time are distinguished from each other on a biological level. Their role in the formation of our characters is really big, it's recognized by the Western uchenyy. Potentially what blood group can be the true architect of your personality.published 


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